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Get Your Vocals to Cut Through: Small Gigs

You’re without a sound tech, working by yourself and need your vocals to reach the audience – Tom & Trevor Lang look at solutions.

Here are some do’s and don’t for your sound when you’re needing to do things for yourself in a small venue:

Tom Bio

Tom Lang is a singer-songwriter gaining national attention with his newest album, Super Sonic, available at CDBaby and on iTunes and Spotify. By day he’s a product manager at TC-Helicon, where his singing experience and extensive use of audio products provides invaluable feedback on performance in diverse environments. By night, Tom regularly sings and plays guitar, keyboards and fiddle in several bands. See www.tomlangmusic.com

Trevor Bio

Trevor Lang is a musician and songwriter for Tango Lima. Formerly known as Noble Savage, Tango Lima is a musical outlet of Trevor’s various creative projects. He mostly works on short films, music videos, live videos and covers.

Website | Soundcloud | YouTube

  • FL-Wolf

    The video wouldn’t work, so I don’t know what it contains, but I support the one respond about singing in the shower and other places. I have been a performing singer/guitarist for many years and my favorite place to rehearse songs (besides the shower) is my car. I have a USB plug with all my song tracks on it and sing to the music while I’m driving. Tracks on a CD will work as well, of course. It’s also a great way to warm up my vocal cords on the way to a gig.