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Getting The Most From Your Mic?

This week we’re exploring the dos and don’ts of microphone technique.

If we learn to use our mic properly it can be our best friend, elevating our performance to new heights. However, for newcomers to the stage the issue of mic technique can be fraught with issues. These include problems such as feedback, use of plosives and setting the levels correctly. This week we’d like to hear your ‘top tips’ on microphone technique & any advice you would give to singers struggling to get the most out of their mic.

So the question is: What advice would you give to other singers on how to use a microphone effectively?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: Would you rather see your favorite artist at a stadium, complete with full band, lighting rig etc, or at an intimate acoustic venue?

Mark Ryan wrote…

“It feels a little strange, to have someone watch me, while sitting at a table. My genre isn’t accurately classified as dinner music. The energy you get from a stadium or an arena can be an unbelievably adrenalizing affair, even to the point of being cathartic. Small acoustic sets are raw and provocative, but arena shows, can be a doorway to madness, which in my view makes them far more memorable”.

Chenzira Sneed commented…

“Small and intimate acoustic. These feel like you het a personal experience with the artist. Yummy”!

Hakon Roholt posted…

“Intimate venues are always the best”.

Alli Humber posted…

“Intimate acoustic venue! You get to see the true greatness and talent”.

Fantastic comments this week guys, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on next weeks question.

All the best, C x