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Tea, Heels and Hairspray – RoRo’s Gig Bag Essentials

roros-gig-bagRoRo’s original material was featured on Dancing With the Stars, and she sang the national anthem for the LA Lakers in a 20,000 capacity stadium.

We ask to take a sneak peak inside her gig bag to see what essentials follow her backstage. 

My Shure SM 58 Wireless Microphone

This microphone has always been great to me. I usually take it with me because corded microphones feel too restrictive and can be a healthy and safety hazard.

An extra pair of shoes

You never know what can happen at a gig. The last thing you want is a broken heel and no backup plan. So, my extra pair of shoes would be something simple which is why I have my black high heel tennis shoes. They go with every outfit so they make the perfect backup shoes!


My two favorite types of tea are Chamomille and Throat Coat. Chamomille is just something I love the taste of and it’s not caffeinated like other teas. Throat Coat does exactly what it says it does – coats my throat! If I have a sore throat or am starting to feel a little under the weather, this tea is the way to go!

Slippery Elm Throat Lozenges

These magical little things are called “Thayers Slippery Elm Lozenges”. I feel like they coat my throat when I sing. They feel really soothing when I need a touch of repair. Cherry is my favorite flavor.

Small Sewing Kit

As I said before, you never know what could happen at a gig. You definitely don’t want a wardrobe malfunction right before going on stage. But if something happens, I’m always prepared to do a quick stitch. After all, the show must go on!

RoRo (Rochelle Diamante) is a singer/songwriter who has accomplished an impressive amount for her age. RoRo’s original song ‘Queen Bee’ was featured on Dancing with the Stars and she was a regular performer on NBC’s Hollywood Game Night.She regularly posts videos on her rapidly growing YouTube Channel and has recently independently released her debut album. 

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