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Giselle – Lights cover

Hey everyone! My name is Giselle, I’m a 17-year-old girl from Spain! I LOVE music, and I’d be nothing without it!! I’ve been playing the piano for 10 years, and around 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to learn guitar. So after some months, I got my acoustic guitar, and continued learning by myself, and still today, I’m learning a little bit every single day :) I describe myself as a pop-country musician! I have out there on youtube 2 original songs. The first one is called ”Difficult Moments”, which talks about how hard is life at high-school, how you can sometimes feel alone, and also about first loves. The second one is called ”A New Chance”, which talks about giving second oportunities in love, friendship etc…it’s a hope song because it starts with a broken relationship but it ends up a little bit different. If you wan’t to know how it ends, GO and LISTEN IT :) My inspirations are: Taylor Swift, Savannah Outen, Tiffany Alvord, Megan and Liz, Adele and Jessie J. Thank you so much to everyone who is reading this, or who has ever suscribed my channel, it means a lot to me! Giselle

  • Iversonmatthew

    Nice! You have great intonation..and I know now some of this is the webcam mic in use but watch your nasal tones. If you were using a mic I would pick a nice warm one for your voice. Great job tho.. I was entertained :)

  • Very nicely done. I agree with the other post that a warm mic would be an improvement for overall vocal quality. The web mic you used does not do justice to your obvious talent. Keep at it!!! Your doing great.

  • Russ

    My comment is best described below, Nicely done!!

  • Bill

    Giselle – sweet voice and nicely done. I have to agree that the mic is not doing your voice justice. However, there are also some things to help take you to the next level. There is a definate “nasal sound” at various points throughout the song – which I have found to be a common early mistake with female vocalists. If not corrected – it will get progressively worse over time. If you can not hear it yourself on this recording – then sing a note in the middle of your range and then plug your nose while still singing it. You will notice that the volume drops or the note will change tone – which shows you are singing through your nose. You can correct this by first assuring proper diaphragm support (as this song has you gasping for air a bit, as it is fast moving and you are trying to use quick catch breaths – thus the air ends up coming from both your mouth and your nose). Also – you want to feel the vibration of notes in your face (not in your nose) – thus you need to lift the soft pallette of your mouth up to direct the air out your mouth. You can raise the pallette by simply smiling, or acting like you are going to cry (scrunched cheeks / lifted pallette) or just smelled some horrible garbage – all three should raise up the pallete and move the sound into your mouth – as the lifted pallette resists air flow in your nose. Also, when you are taking a quick breath – the lifted pallette will allow you to take a fuller rapid catch-breath, where you breath in air simulataneously through the mouth and nose – thus will have more air available for support without “forcing” or “pushing” out the notes – which leads to pitch issues. Keep up the great work !!

  • Hi Giselle,

    You’ve got some great talent. This is a tough number and you’ve done a good job of making it your own. I’d like to see you work on you dynamics a bit more. Overall the quality of your playing and singing is sound though so don’t take that the wrong way. I really enjoyed this number!