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Going on YouTube After American Idol

Going on YouTube After American IdolAmerican Idol Finalist Vonzell (Baby V) shares how she is making a splash through YouTube

Following her amazing performances on American Idol, Vonzell has been been writing music, building a singing career and … branching out onto YouTube.

We asked her to take us behind the scenes and share her insights on how she is making YouTube work for her.

What inspired you to start making YouTube videos?
I have always been really silly so my friends & family encouraged me to do YouTube videos showing my silly side. This was after my American Idol appearances.

Was it a natural next step for you?
I was afraid that people wouldn’t like it or get it or want to even see this side of me. However I chose to do both singing videos and funny videos with a character I created named “Boonquisha”.

Do you do more gigs or videos and which do you prefer?
I do more live performances than videos – from concerts to Musical Theatre. I don’t know if I have a preference I enjoy them both equally. When I’m on the road I’m most likely performing someone elses’ material and when I do my videos, it’s my original stuff. I have fun doing both.

Any tips on the technical side of video making? What gear do you use?
I’m still a beginner on the technical side of things. I use a Cannon Rebel T3I camera & Final Cut to edit my videos.


If you nurture your social media platforms you will find some truly genuine friends & supporters

Most important lesson you have learned about social media?
If you nurture your social media platforms you will find some truly genuine friends & supporters. They will help you grow as a performer, giving you constructive criticism & motivation when you’re down and out.

What ingredients are essential for a great vocal performance?
Practice, Preparation, Confidence.

Was there any particular thing that helped you reach a larger audience?
Consistency really helps, I see a dramatic difference when I’m not on the road touring I have more time to make & post videos on a regular basis generating more YouTube views and traffic across all my social media.

Current favorite YouTube artists? Any newcomers to look out for?
Todrick Hall is my favorite YouTube artist.

vonzellVonzell also known as “Baby V”, an international singer, songwriter, producer, recording artist, model and actress. Second runner-up on the forth season of American Idol, Vonzell has toured with a variety of shows ranging from American Idol to Broadway and as a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service. Vonzell has recently released a highly anticipated project “True Story” available on iTunes, on which she wrote and produced songs telling her life’s journey.