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Golden Age Project R1 MKII Studio Ribbon Mic

Want an unforgettable vintage sound on your vocals?

Item: The Golden Age Project R1 MKII

Price: $189.99 US, £145 UK

Mic Rating:  micrating_4.5

At A Glance: The Golden Age Project R1 MKII is a vintage-style ribbon microphone designed for use in the studio. Its design characteristics are inspired by microphones from the 1930s and 1940s like the RCA 44 and 77, making it a great choice for singers wanting an alternative to the more modern sounding condenser microphones that they would typically use. It comes with its own padded case and with a standard 3-pin microphone cable to connect to your interface.

High Notes: Considering the price of the microphone, it appears well built and looks great in any studio.  When used on vocals it can at first sound a little “dark”, however the microphone responds extremely well to EQ and you can use large amounts of high frequency boosting without excessive sibilance becoming an issue or the sound feeling unnatural. The R1 has a very well-rounded low and middle frequency range that can help add warmth and definition to vocals, especially on male voices. As well as vocal use, The R1 Mk2 is also well suited for the recording other sound sources like acoustic instruments, strings, brass, wood-winds and choral groups.

Off Pitch: Like all ribbon mics, the R1 is not the ideal microphone if you like your vocals bright and forward. It requires a preamp that will give you a larger amount of gain than you would need with a condenser mic (generally 50-60db of gain on vocal recordings). Ribbon microphones will also pick up a fair amount of room ambience, which may be a problem for people recording in small “boxy” sounding rooms.

Audio Demo:

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The R1 offers exceptional value for money, considering the price of higher-end ribbon microphones and the good performance it offers relative to them. It is also available as a higher-output active version, which is particularly useful if your preamp does not offer enough clean gain. When compared to higher-end ribbon microphones, the R1 is not quite as smooth and does need a little more EQ; however it still provides that natural-and-warm characteristic vintage vocal sound

Note: When using a ribbon microphone make sure to turn off phantom power as this can break the microphone – also when recording vocals it is essential to use a pop filter to avoid risking damaging the ribbon element.

Manufacturers Website: http://www.goldenagemusic.se

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  • Poppa Madison

    It is amazing how they have kept up production of every type of microphone to give every individual the opportunity to find the “Magic mic that brings out the best of their vocal qualities”.

    Much to my chagrin, many years ago (1970’s) I literally threw away a perfectly good large Ribbon mic I had only used very little, in favour of a Dynamic mic as at the time they were the “In thing to get” being smaller and supposedly having excellent frequency response. Not only that, their “impedance” enabled connection to a mic input on tape recorders etc. whereas the Ribbon Mic needed an impedance matching transformer to be able to secure a decent input level signal. So thinking I was “upping my mic” I happily trashed, the somewhat bulky by comparison,Ribbon mic.

    It would probably have been worth a packet today as a working retro collector’s item !


    As my late idol Peter Sellers might have said….

    “You ain’t half a Twit you um silly liitle nig-nog you…….that’s what you are…..Whooh!”


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