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Good Posture?

This week we’re taking a look at the topic of postural support.

Some voice teachers insist that posture is at the heart of everything we do. If done effectively it can help us with pitching, phrasing & even hitting those elusive high notes. However,  some performers seem to sing what they want and how they want without any attention to this!  What’s your view on the matter?  Does posture help, and it so how does it help?

So the question is: How important is postural support for singing and what tips/advice would you give for perfecting it?

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Great Comments from last week: Last week I asked: How important is breath control for singing and what tips/advice would you give for managing it?

Ginnie Kirby Busam commented…

“My voice teacher was brutal. She had me bend over a chair with the top pressing into my diaphragm and also lay flat with several textbooks over it. I had to breathe and then sing while constricted. I am grateful she did because now I have excellent breath control”.

Veronica Stewart-Mono wrote…

“Super agree…plus being able to control and regulate our breath also usually leads to having it support our ‘creative whim’ in a reliable way…so we can easily manipulate and play with dynamics, timbre, slides, bent notes, phrasing…aahhh the awesome stylistic possibilities are endless …all thanks to air control”!

Leah Armand posted…

“I think it is way overrated. There are so many more important areas that need attention, but it’s such a typical thing for singing teachers who know very little about technique (which is most singing teachers) to go on about breathing, just because that’s what their teachers taught them. For most styles, having great breath control is not necessary, but for some styles it is essential”.

Thanks for all the great comments this week guys, keep commenting, posting & keeping this forum alive.