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Gunnar Odenman – Fade Into Darkness cover

Swedish Singer/Songwriter

  • Alvymarie

    Hi! =)
    I liked your cover, never heard the song before! You have a really nice quality in the tone of your voice, it’s very sweet (from what I hear in this cover, anyway). If I can give you any constructive criticism, it would be to be careful with those higher notes. I feel like it might be a little outside of your comfort zone causing you to go a little flat in some areas. Definitely keep challenging yourself and stretching your range though! All in all, you did a good job! =) Good luck in your future endeavors!


  • Gunnar

    Thank you! Very good feedback :D

  • Hi Gunnar

    Enjoyed listening to you sing this – other people have given you good useful feedback. When working on those high notes I notice that you’re reaching up a lot to find them (both physically and mentally). It would help you to think down and into the body when you sing these. (If you’re not sure which muscles you should be using trying grabbing under a piano and attempting to lift it – that’ll show you!) I also think that for singer/guitarist’s it’s very important for you to have a solid base to sit on so you stay grounded – I don’t think a squishy bed is doing it for you – try to find a good solid chair to sit in when playing and sit long without rounding in to the guitar – this’ll help the high notes!
    All the best
    Barbara Ann

  • Gunnar odenman

    Thanks a lot Barbara! I will keep that in mind!

  • Hi Gunner,

    You’ve got a great rock star name! You’re off to a good start. However, I notice that you get pretty pitchy on the high parts. Your voice sounds like it wants to be in the right register for this tune…I think it’s a bout confidence with you. Believe in yourself dude and commit. IOW, understand the words you are singing and really go there. You’ve got the makings of a solid singer just need to learn how to emote so that people believe in the songs you pick as much as you do. Keep rockin’ my brother and thanks for sharing!



  • Gunnar

    Thanks so much for the feedback!