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Longlostgus – The Eagles – Lyin’ Eyes (cover)

Bio: been playing since High School, love classic rock, sports, well please just check the vid ok? (don’t be cruel) LOL

  • sarahbella

    Enjoyed this cover! Love the sunglasses :) Maybe a different recording area would do you some good, that way we could really hear those vocals! Looks like your enjoying yourself and that’s all that matters though!

  • Hello Gus,

    You do a good job of covering this tune…your inflections sound very similar to the Eagles…lil’ bit o’ that southern drawl. I notice ya’ have a lil’ trouble with the high notes. Part of this stems from singing from your throat, which causes the piece to sound strained. Another angle is that although you probably love the Eagles this may not be the tune for you. A common mistake that singers make is picking songs they love but aren’t equipped to pull off effectively. Try sitting with the guitar and singing scales…find your comfort zone then look for songs that fall within a similar register as your natural singing voice and you’ll be golden!



  • gus (longlostgus)

    thank you very much for your uplifting words (I agreed to “lend” my song cover but not to be all put down you know, if I had known)
    But your a “life” saver and yes the singing space is terrible I agree but 19,000 views in 7 months -who’s counting? well me!LOL- (sorry to bring this up ok?) tells me not all is wrong here, thank you so much dear Sarahbella,
    visit me please at my(your) channel and merry Christmas have a nice one and a happy 2011 new year. YF gus : )

  • gus

    Thank you well accepted comment of course,
    your friend gus