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Hadleigh Ford – Man in the Mirror cover

Vocal coach comments from Rachel LEbon:

You have a really fine voice with good range. Your customized approach to the song and the guitar introduction and accompaniment works well to support the vocals, in the first verse and chorus. Presence and believability did not seem as strong in the second verse, seemed to go on autopilot a bit. Play with dynamic contrast and shifting attitudes within the inner phrases, buzzing important words. Can also adjust guitar accompaniment for variety. Otherwise, one can reach the peak of the song too early. Seemed to lose steam towards the end. Avoid lifting your chin to reach the high notes, as they were under pitch and not topping over in the final chorus, a sign of vocal fatigue. Really like your style! Keep it up!

Hadleigh’s Bio:

After spending his student years on the south coast in Brighton, playing extensively on the live circuit there and really honing his craft, he gained a reputation as an accomplished songwriter and an exciting performer. After recording and performing live with his own band Hadleigh found that he missed the intensity of performing solo. Hadleigh recorded his debut album “Solow” which is available from iTunes now!

  • Julien Sardon

    I think you are talented !! No doubts about your skills as guitarist ! I appreciate your vocal colors and energy when you sing !! You gave me some emotions , in the beginning of the song (first versus and first chorus ) !! In addition I love Michael Jackson and this song is filled with real “philanthropist” and “humanist” messages !! so THANKS FOR THAT :)
    Actually, as you were singing this song along, i just wondered : “Could he sing like that until the end of the song ?? I’m pretty sure you didn’t feel comfortable with your voice , you may have felt a fatigue !!
    Anyway, you rock !! I’m very certain that your performances will become “boomer” as you will improve your singing technic !! I really appreciated your talents (singer, and guitarist ) ! keep it up my friend :)

  • Gary

    Hadleigh, Enjoyed the listen! . Continue paying attention to the pitch throughout the song, particularly once you get to the chorus and when you modulate the chorus. Then you can end it without loosing the energy you have built up via the modulation . Love the opening, good vocals and guitar – killer song Hadleigh!