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Haley Dreis – Poker Face (Cover)

  • Hi Haley,

    Thank you for sharing your talent! I would love to hear some original music from you as I'd just bet you would deliver an emotive yet punchy performance. I can tell that you'r e a fun character, who enjoys reaching out to her audience.

    I like that you flirt with the camera, when you feel it's necessary and gleen feeling, when you're singing the more thoughtful passages. You're pitch is pretty good, however I do notice that you mostly sing from your vocal mask (face & Sinus area), which lends a nasal quality to your vocal style. This is actually quite common in Rock n' Roll, Americana and many other Western singing styles. It's not wrong; it's just one of many areas that you can sing from.

    I encourage you to explore vocalizing from your chest and diaphragm cavities as well. By doing this you will open more space for air and acheive a wide array of choices, when applied to your voice :)

    What appeals to me most, from this video, are your softer phrases. You seem to have a knak for crooning. On the “My, my, my Poker face” portions I can tell that it's a fun part for you but the delivery comes across very stiff and lack luster.

    Practicing to a metronome or a click track could really help you bring all of this together. You have the talent, voice, and appeal for fronting your music. Lose yourself in a simple beat and let the music flow…think less…feel more! You've got it girl. Now go rock!!!