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The Courage to Take Creative Control

RoRo’s original song ‘Queen Bee’ was featured on Dancing with the Stars and she was a regular performer on NBC’s Hollywood Game Night.

RoRo tells us how she is taking creative control, owning the stage and making her mark on YouTube.

What drew you into the world of YouTube?
It’s a funny story because I had no idea what YouTube was until I went to an audition. A lady stopped me and she was like, “Haven’t I seen you on YouTube?” I told her it wasn’t me but when I got home I went online to see what this YouTube was and when I saw what people were doing I wanted to be a part of it.


Sometimes video can look clear on the camera but actually turns out to be blurry when it’s uploaded to YouTube so make sure you test that

Have you experienced any troubles online?
While I received support and love from viewers, I also received hate. Some comments I received were mean and aimed to crush any self-confidence I had. I had to learn how to brush it off. I was lucky enough to have a supportive family as well as a much larger amount of loving viewers.

How do you create your videos?
Just a simple Canon camera and Final Cut Pro for editing videos. I do a lot of it on my own.

Give us a quick tech tip
Keep in mind that sometimes video can look clear on the camera but actually turns out to be blurry when it’s uploaded to YouTube so make sure you test that out.

Do you have any favourite singing gear?
My little mic buddy a Neuman TLM103 – he’s been my mic since the beginning. I love my TC Helicon Voice Live Touch 2! It’s so fun!

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt in the music industry?
Choosing the right team of people is key. I’ve been stuck in contracts with the wrong people. I am completely on my own for the moment and it feels good. I believe and have faith that the right people will come along when the time is right.

Do you have any performance highlights?
I performed at the Whisky A Go Go here in LA and it was awesome! I had practiced for weeks so I had my set down and had a blast on the stage. The audience was so interactive! They sang with me and waved their hands in the air! I also performed at The Mint and had a whole dance routine with backup dancers for my original “Queen Bee”.

What makes a great vocal performance?
If you feel what you’re singing and really portray the emotion in a song people will feel it too. Also, if you are covering a song make sure you are making it unique to you. That way people will not only remember your performance but they will know your sound as well.


RoRo is currently working on her first album, which she is writing, mixing, producing and doing the album artwork for by herself

Tell us about your vocal inspirations
I love Beyoncé. I’ve always loved Beyoncé because of her stage presence, her confidence, her INCREDIBLE vocals, and the way her image is sexy and gorgeous but not crossing the line. I’m a big believer that as a woman, you don’t have to show everything to get attention. I admire Lady Gaga for her originality. I wouldn’t go to those extremes, but she sure knows how to throw people a curveball.

What is next for RoRo?
I am currently working on my first album. This album is completely my own. I am producing, writing, mixing, doing the album artwork etc. I’ve spent a lot of years trying out who other people thought I was. This album will show the world who I really am. I’ve never produced before, but I’ve taught myself how to because it’s amazing what we can achieve when we have passion for something.


RoRo (Rochelle Diamante) is a singer/songwriter who has accomplished an impressive amount for her age. She regularly posts videos on her YouTube Channel.

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