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Have You Tried Vocal Bubbling?

VoiceCouncil Magazine presents Rachel Bennett on one way to warm up your singing voice.

Rachel Bennett is a singer-songwriter and MD for theatre, television & recording studios across London. Check out Raie’s website: www.raiemusic.com/content/welcome

Veronique Andre is a singer, actress and model in London who has studied at WAC Performing Arts and Media College.

Rachel Bennett is a London-based vocal coach and singer songwriter. She is the lead singer / songwriter of RAIE and a Musical Director for theatre, television & recording studios across London. She has associations at WAC Performing Arts and Media College and Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. You can learn more about Rachel on her Website or Facebook. You can see more of Rachel’s writing here.

  • So is this lip-synching or what : ) ?

    Bubbling ? then next will be “Gurgling” then “Gargling” I am guessing.

    Seems the machinations of “vocal exercise” could go on and on for ever.
    So what was the outcome of all this pouting and bubbling for the young lady in question?. Sure she makes for an attractive model for the “Art of bubbling” but

    disappointingly there is no follow up either by the proponent or the recipient as to what the proven outcome of following the regime actually was or is.
    Surely the proof of the pudding is in the Bubbling?

    Or is it NOT?

  • al-andrew

    Yeah I have to agree, she screeeched through her head register, my voice was soar listening to her.

    I dont know much about lip trills or bubbles, but they are very popular for some reason, i was coached in a good modern vocal school for seven years and never heard of this ever.

  • Kerry

    Lip trilling is a classic exercise for warming up the register without heavily engaging in “singing”. It loosens up the facial musicals and allows singers to get out of their own way during warm ups. It’s used by some of the best coaches in the business and properly utilized is a great technique. The hands on the face keep one from puffing out the cheeks while doing it and losing the point of the exercise. I use it regularly as one of my many warm up techniques. It seems very silly at first and I had a very hard time getting past giggling when it was first proposed to me! ;)

  • Aaaaaahhhhhh Kerry Kerry Kerry, thanks you thoughtful thing you!

    Of course, of course………….I forgot to mention the “Giggling” !

    So now we have, Pouting, Bubbling, Giggling, Trilling,and Screeching, which I guess might also include:-

    Dribbling, Warbling, Gurgling, Mumbling, Burping and dare I say it “FLossing.”………………..(.No! you won’t get me on that one!)

    One thing is for certain. For the cognoscenti it is obviously very much an “Ing” thing to be part of and that includes a lot of LISTEN….ING!

    Seems I just can’t stop WARBLING and WAFFLING on about all this
    : ) :} loll…ing!

    Well at that has all cleared my throat now!…so off I go into my rehearsal!
    Won’t you all join me?

  • Far too much pressure and squeeze on the high range here. ‘Bubbling’ is just a new name for lip trills which have been round for centuries – not new at all.

    If you’re doing them right the face is relaxed and this relaxation includes the tendons and muscles of the neck (digrastic muscles). The trick is to negotiate the upper passagio and still maintain the loose (big outboard motor) quality of the lip trill i.e. don’t squeeze, don’t push and let the larynx anchor and the thyroid cartilage tilt. Be careful not to purse the lips with too much squeeze and create unnecessary facial tension.