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One Smooth Sound Between Registers?

This week we’re exploring tricky subject of vocal registers

I’ve always been baffled by my students’ obsession with their ‘head’ and ‘chest’ registers. In many ways these definitions can be helpful, allowing us to recognize resonance and character in our voices. However, by introducing such a clear divide in our approach we foster a very disjointed methodology towards singing, one where certain notes can ONLY be sung in a certain register. We all have one set of vocal apparatus so why not sing with one voice, in one register, but simply change the quality of the sound to suit the stylistic needs of the material.  This week we’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

So the question is: Do you think it’s possible to blend head & chest registers into one smooth consistent sound? If so, what techniques can we use to help us achieve this?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: As winter closes in, the cold and flu viruses start to run rampant. As vocalists, how do you ensure you stay vocally healthy through the frosty winter months?

Ben E. Brady wrote…

“Get your flu shot early. Also, when you feel a cough coming on, put Vicks vaporub on the bottoms of your feet and wear a pair of socks to bed. It will keep you from coughing all night. It works every time”.

Michael Vaughn commented…

“Chewable vit. C. I pop them like tic-tacs. Much water. Sleep as much as possible. Wash your hands often”.

Cathy Hallessey posted…

“Healthy, hydration, hand washing & hot tea with honey…the 5 H’s are my golden rule. Plus sleep”

Helen Davis responded…

“Don’t share a mic with anyone – and regularly clean your mic head with antibac to keep the bugs at bay”.

Thank-you once again for sharing your thoughts and opinions for last weeks Q & A. See you all next week.

All the best,