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Helping Others Find Their Voice?

This week we’re exploring the ways we can inspire the next generation of vocalists.

Have you ever done or said anything that has helped another singer become a little more true to themselves? Has anyone ever said or done anything for you that has helped you find your own voice? We’d really like to know. I’m now in my twenties and am turning my attention to introducing more young singers to the subject that has brought me so much joy. However, with so many other distractions around for young people how to we encourage them to discover their own voice?

So the question is: What has someone said or done for you to help you sing in a way that is more true for you – or what have you done or said to others that have helped them find their voice?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: Can a degree in music help you succeed in the modern music industry?

Alex Wookie Worth commented…

“Knowledge is power”.

Robin V Robinson wrote…

“I have had the best instructors at the junior college level (I have an AA in Commercial Music- Professional Vocalist), however, since I don’t want to teach, how useful would it be for me to get a Bachelors’ Degree In Music Performance? I have learned so much from my professors, one who is still actively performing with his singing group”!

Dirk Thomas posted…

“Come on, guys. I know the old axiom that “those who can, do, those who can’t, teach”, but to that I have to say this: Some people are born to pass on the legacy and appreciation of music. My mom was a music teacher for 50 years, and the legacy she has left behind is a gift to all of us who now get to listen to her students who ARE doing and making a living with the gift she passed on. And trust me, many of my friends here in Las Vegas are world class musicians and incredible performers, but they don’t want to teach, and in some cases, just don’t have the temperament for it. Everyone has their place, and everyone has their own unique gift”.

Poppa Madison wrote:

“You only have to look at those who have succeeded in the past in music…….how many of them had a “Degree” in anything except raw talent, a sense of fun and the mental capacity to truly connect with their audience?”

Great discussion this week guys, see you next time.

C x