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Honey & Lemon for Singers: Fact from Fiction


Is a drink of honey and lemon really the holy grail for your singing voice? Nutritionist Sharon Zarabi evaluates the claims.

A combination of vocal practice, travel, lack of sleep and demanding performances ahead have left you desperate for a treatment for your voice.

Now you are trolling through blogs that discuss the healing power of warm liquids for irritated throats.  Some of these promote honey, others lemon; still others – honey and lemon.

Could honey & lemon really be the holy grail of vocal health?

Let’s separate the fact from the fiction.

“Honey & Lemon: It Heals My Flu or Cold”

This claim has been around for a long time; Egyptian physicians used honey to promote health and Greeks believed in its promotion of virility and longevity.

There is some truth behind these historic preferences.

Honey is high in many nutrients including iron, copper, manganese, silica chlorine, calcium, potassium, sodium , phosphorous, aluminum and magnesium.

The darker the honey the higher the nutrient content.

The combination of the two intensify the antimicrobial and antioxidant properties

Lemon has been recognized for its natural disinfectant properties. It contains pectin which acts as a vacuum to help clean out the gut including environmental toxins.

The high potassium content aids in the elimination of these pollutants. Lemon has a high source of vitamin C to help fight infection and, like honey, contains calcium, magnesium and potassium.

The combination of the two intensify the antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

Lemons contain almost 90% of vitamin C as a whole fruit which helps repel free radicals and protects the healthy cells from becoming cancerous; all promoting healing when your immune system is compromised.

Caution: But is Honey & Lemon Good All the Time?

Don’t be running so fast for the synthetic, orange-lime flavored pack of Emergen-Cee®.

There is no conclusive evidence to say these packaged items work. You need to be careful too with the amount of lemon you use. Too much citrus can irritate the throat.

Too much citrus can irritate the throat.

Too much citrus can irritate the throat.

Also, natural citrus and honey may not help you when you are in the throws of a bad cold or flu.

However, research published by Pediatrics Digest concluded that citrus honey improved the cough symptoms during an upper respiratory infection, leading to a better chance at sleep— I’m talking NATURAL citrus honey.

Remember to always be your own judge. We all react differently to remedies so take the information and personalize what may work best for you.

Give it time to kick in as it may not usher an immediate response.

“It soothes my throat like nothing else!”

Most sore throats are caused by viruses that are common in colds.

For singers and other heavy voice users there are, of course, other causes: vocal strain due to over-using the voice and bad technique (often these go together!)

These factors cause strain to the soft tissue of the larynx.

The edema or swelling of the blood vessels causes the vessels to become more porous and allows leakage of fluid into the tissue.

Singers need to deal with the root cause

This is turn causes swelling, immobility of vocal folds which in turn leads to the feeling of stiffness and a hoarse voice.

So, is honey and lemon THE cure?

In a word: no. Singers need to deal with the root cause, resting during a cold, learning healthier speaking and singing technique.

Of course, hydration is a part of great vocal health – and has rightly been described as the “engine oil” of the voice.

On this score, hot water with honey and lemon is better than alcohol and caffeine based drinks

The thermal effect of the warm liquid will help increase circulation to the affected area and the osmotic effect of the honey will aid in decreasing the swelling of the throat.

But, please, do not underestimate the power of staying hydrated on a regular basis with good ol’ H2O.

“It cleared my throat of mucous so I could sing flawlessly!”

Although a little bit of phlegm may be necessary to lubricate the vocal cords, too much can cause excess vibration.

Here, the combination of warm water and a drop of lemon scores some points.

It can help loosen the buildup of mucous, while the addition of honey can help coat it.

Add a bit of Cheyenne pepper or something spicy to the mix and you can clear up your sinuses to prevent the drip down to your throat.

-Sharon Zarabi

Sharon Zarabi

Sharon Zarabi is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietitian Nutritionist (RD, CDN) and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with the International Fitness Professional’s Association (IFPA) and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA.) She is a contributor to The Singer’s Guide to Complete Health (Oxford University Press) and her work can be viewed at www.sharonzarabi.com/

Further Reading

Cohen MD, Herman (2012, Sept.) “Effect of Honey on Nocturnal Cough and Sleep Quality”, A Double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled study. Pediatrics Vol. 130 No. 3 p 465-471;

Leden MD, Hans von (1986, Jan.) “Voice Problems in Entertainers”, West J Med; 144: 99-101;

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Excerpt on properties of honey and lemon.

  • One cannot overlook the placebo “efficacy” of mind over matter.
    There is no doubt in my mind that if you allow yourself to think that something ingested is going to “do you good”, then you have already helped yourself enormously and will perform better than with a negative mindset.
    Having many times experienced the mucous-clearing after effects of eating Indian curries containing those wonderful spices, and the orally soothing effect of Cardoman Tea, I gladly endorse the ayurvedic remedies of that highly medically knowledgeable culture.

    As they say…..” Giv’em, Curry man! ”

    Poppa Madison

    © ♯♪♫ ♂PM

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    Composing Music & Song for Baby Boomers Worldwide
    to enjoy.




  • JB

    I’ve tried honey & lemon and works wonders. Try it !!

  • David

    I’ve also discovered that ibuprofen helps with long sets of strenuous rock. Perhaps the muscle relaxer keeps my chords more loose……you can try that too….

  • Gary

    I’d like to add that water take 4 hours to reach the vocal folds so make sure you drink a good amount throughout the day sipping slowly. Drinking water has little immediate effect on the voice. Topical hydration, however, is paramount during extended voice use and illness. Steaming provides immediate hydration to vocal folds and in my experience is the quickest most effective way to hydrate and soothe. Gary facebook.com/voicestudiolondon @TheVStudio voicestudiolondon.com

  • As a regular reader and contributor to VCM, I just thought I’d pop in to wish one and all the very best for their singing aspirations in 2015.
    My Mum, bless her, lived ’til she was 96. She loved to sing and was with a concert group in London in years during the Second World War and she continued to sing right up into her late eighties. She even rang into a Radio show when she was about 85 and gave them an on air rendition of one of her favourites, ” We’ll Gather Lilacs”. Now that song really smacks of a time when simplistic love songs told much about the romantic idealism people of the time attached to “being in love”!
    Anyways…….it was she who introduced me to the “Honey in warmed diluted natural lemon juice” as a pre-performance prepping elixir for the vocal chords; and I have to say, that the effect it has upon me is on the one hand soothing to the voice and on the other, most stimulating to the mind. The latter probably having something to do with that “If Mum says it’s does you good, then it does” unequivocal belief we tend to have, in a Mother’s good-loving intent for her offspring.
    Another additional little pick-me-up she prognosticated for when one was feeling somewhat jaded, physically, mentally and vocally, was to add a teaspoon of quality brandy or whisky into a cup of tea, made the way you like it. Now there’s a 3-in-1 beneficial elixir if ever there was one!
    One day, upon finding her five year old “singing and talking” Budgerigar lying prone in its cage, Mum administered a little drop of the “3-in-1” into its beak from a glass eye dropper. The little blighter immediately flew up and around the room as if re-born and lived to sing itself silly for several more years!
    ( I kick myself still that I forgot to suggest to her to sell her story for a TV ad for Napoleon Brandy. Who knows, I might have ended up with a free crate or two of the stuff myself …..or dare I even think……..a lifetime supply of the stuff ?)

    Now if all of that doesn’t make you want to get up and sing your little hearts out in the coming New Year of 2015, then I don’t know what will!

    Here’s another little historical gem. I still have in my possession a “Street Buskers Licence” granted to me by Sydney City Council, New South Wales, Australia in 1976 when I was just 32 years old. I might put that up on E-bay as a collector’s item, just for a laugh !
    I recorded my most recent music and song composition “Chandra – Goddess Of The Moon” this year (2014) at the ripe old age of 70.
    And yes……..like a good lad, I did take my lemon and honey prep-juice before my rendition.

    Why not pop in and take a listen to my dulcet tones ?

    All the best, and keep on keeping on with the warbling after gargling, with whatever you find most efficacious !

    Poppa ©♯♪♫♂PM

  • JazzCat >^..^<

    Ibuprofen reduces edema (inflammation and swelling) and is a pain killer. That’s why it helps. It is not a muscle relaxer.

  • jefg

    I use honey and lime juice. I’m a harmonica player as well, and find that lemon reduces saliva production, whereas lime increases it. Can’t play harp with dry lips.

  • Poppa Madison

    What with all the vocal ailments and “Illness” in abundance and remedies galore, it really makes one wonder whether or not, as an animal species, we were really meant to sing at all !

    ♫ Yodelodeeyodelodalayity ♫ !

    Poppa ©♯♪♫♂PM


  • Dave Falk

    4 years ago I had a voice teacher that recommended lemon with my water every day to help my voice.

    After a recent visit with a dentist I was told the past 4 years I had an increase in cavities and that my gums were not as healthy as the previous 4 years. This is with no medical issues or change in dental hygiene. The first thing I was asked if I ever used lemon in my water. Well guess what I was drinking 4-6 12 oz glasses of water (using a Brita) all with a slice of lemon. Apparently the citric acid in lemon was the culprit.

    Any thoughts or comments on this?

  • worldsgonemad

    The best recommendation, I think, is to drink this concoction every morning as soon as one gets out of bed before coffee or tea. It really makes a difference in the way I feel. I will sometimes have it as a mid afternoon pick-me-up instead if green tea. I have stopped adding lemon to my regular glasses of water during the day now that I have started this regime. I’m going to have to try the addition of cayenne when my sinuses are stuffy. I suffer terribly from Allergies in spring, Juniper and Mullberry are the culprits, I found this lemon-citrus brew very soothing and helpful in keeping things moist while taking antihistamine medication.

  • Yep!

    Dave, it appears that you forgot to rinse your mouth out
    with warm water after ingesting the lemon elixir………simple as that !

    It appears that your Dentist, bless his collection of Autoclaved instruments
    would, I thought, have told you, that one does not let acidics of any kind sit in the mouth for long periods of time any more than they do the remains of the last meal one has.

    I am 71 and have ingested more lemon juice than you have had hot dinners, and it has not affected my teeth in any way whatsoever.

    Happy Gargling !


    Poppa Madison

    © ♯♪♫ ♂PM

  • Jimmy

    [The element] Aluminium is not a nutrient that requires supplementation.

    Although Emergen-C® is not as good as it once was in the late 1970s, 1980s, 1990s
    and early 2000s, (the original formula was changed and Alacer Corp. is now owned by Pfizer, Inc.),
    I still would recommend it to anyone for overall good health.

    Besides Super Orange, Tangerine, Lemon-Lime and Pink Lemonade,
    Emergen-C is available in other non-citrus flavours.

  • Anthony DiCesaro

    Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory (correct) and as such, if the pain is caused by inflammation then will act as a pain killer. It in essence is not a true pain killer. Also it should never be used for singers as it can mask/ vocal cord blood vessel rupture if there is an underlying problem to begin with. Naproxen sodium is a much better choice.

  • Beth

    Newer research has revealed that honey is high in FODMAPs (google Monash University or Kate Scarlota), which cause stomach problems in some people. FODMAPs are often in otherwise healthy foods, but in some people cause problems. It’s complicated, but worth looking into. Cutting honey out of my diet completely was one piece of what helped me get healthier after suffering from stomach issues for years. Those with IBS – either type – may want to look into FODMAPs, and work with a *very knowledgable* dietician to see if there is sensitivity to these short-chain carbs.

  • Freya Astrella

    I read recently that vitamin C makes you pee more, so can dehydrate – something to keep in mind.

  • Freya Astrella

    Well, in terms of evolution, singing is far down the list of priorities!

  • Freya Astrella

    Another thing to bear in mind about blood thinning pain killers is that they make vocal haemorrhage more likely.

  • Alixandrea Corvyn

    Four hours?! More like twenty minutes…

  • Alixandrea Corvyn

    ^This. At the end of the day, nothing you eat or drink goes immediately onto the vocal folds. You would choke if that were the case. They’re located in your *throat*, not your oesophagus. If you want immediate topical relief, you can’t beat steaming. Also, drinking something hot will introduce warmth to the area around your throat as it goes down, which can help with swelling.

    Lemon will cut through the mucous in your oropharynx and your mouth. Honey will coat and soothe these areas. Hot spices will increase the blood flow around your body, especially in the immediate areas that the spices touch. All these things are helpful. But none of them directly affect your vocal cords…

  • Gary

    It’s most definitely, scientifically, factually 4 hours through the body system to the larynx.

  • Alixandrea Corvyn
  • Gary

    I’d be wary where you get your research from… Unfortunately your first four links state how long water takes to be absorbed into the BODY, not how long it takes to get to the LARYNX. And your last link is grossly misinformed… it contradicts itself when it says ‘pee clear, sing clear’ – drinking water will not make your pee clear in twenty minutes…! It takes a good few hours and quite a few glasses of water to make ones pee clear… ! So, it’s not making sense that your voice would be hydrated within twenty minutes.

    Anne Marie Speed is the UKs leading expert on voice production, anatomy and physiology of the voice and only provides information on the voice that is grounded in scientific research, testing and study. She was trained and mentored by Jo Estill … http://www.thevoiceexplained.com/content/vocal-health (Read under hydration…)

  • Longer life experience will teach you that half of the doing of anything to fix anything is as much about “self-comforting and the effect that the mind has on making things seem much better” as it is to do with what is actually ingested.
    Proximal positioning of Elixir to vocal chords is only half the battle.

    “Mind over Matter”……….has much to do with improving human ailments of all kinds so don’t be so quick as to outrightly dismiss it.

    Poppa ……..older and wiser from long-life learned experiences from a myriad of others.

  • Brian Gale

    I guess I’ve been doing it wrong for almost 50 years! I have performed all over the world, and early on I figured out my routine. Before each night’s show(s) I drink 2 cups of black coffee. During my performance I sip bourbon on the rocks. (When I’m not performing I rarely drink.) For some reason this routine loosens up my vocal chords so my range is almost three octaves. I don’t get drunk on stage, although in my younger days… But this seems to work for me and audiences like my voice. I guess it’s a case of what ever works for you.

  • Alixandrea Corvyn

    Oh no, I completely agree that the placebo effect is fascinating and a real thing. Have you ever read ‘Mind Over Medicine’ by Dr Lissa Rankin? Absolutely fascinating discourse on the placebo effect and how basically 30% of humans are capable of healing themselves by the power of thought alone.

  • Freya Astrella

    I will add to Gary’s point to say it is to do ‘protein bound water’. The fluid in the vocal folds is protein bound and can sometimes take days to build up properly. This hydration plumps up your folds reducing impact/injury. A swig of water before going on stage is not enough – it should be a lifestyle.

  • Freya Astrella

    Defo not something to recommend!

  • Brian Gale

    Not recommending it, just stating what works for me.

  • No I have not……but thanks….I will try and locate it on the net for a squiz.
    Which reminds me. Your reply qualifies you for a free gift of music from me.
    So….specially for you I am posting my composition “Sunshine Christmas” up on soundcloud.com to bring you what I trust will be a little christmas cheer.

    I composed it so that I had something to listen to instead of Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas” for a change.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and all my fellow Voice Councillors !

    Poppa Brisbane Australia

  • Makes me want to salivate as well Jefg.
    But…..I wont keep harping on about it!

  • Good on yer Bri !

    I’ ll raise a glass of the best to yah on Christmas Day Mate!

  • Can we keep this conversation ABOVE waist level please Freya.

    It’s enough to make a bloke wet himself !

  • Then I must have evolved out of sync with the rest of them !

  • Yah see……..My Mum was right !

  • That’s it !

    When you have lost your way………..get out your FODMAPS !……..I like it !

  • Citation from my research:

    Inhaled Atomized 3% specific concentration Hydrogen Peroxide apparently cleanses the oral, laryngeal and lung surfaces while having a surfactant osmotically enervating spittal reducting and revitalizing effect.
    Somewhere within that diatribe is real meaning for voice-dependant humans….I have inhaled and I am sounding more like a canary every day !

    However I do have to take great care so as not to swallow my Mini-Harmonica !


  • Loraleigh Diane Gill

    Very good information here. I drink honey and lemon (preferably made from organic lemons and raw or organic honey) all the time especially when I’m coming down with something. Eating Lightly steamed broccoli in substantial quantities before singing is amazing for the voice also. I don’t mean to be petty, but “throws” threw me off – it should have been “in the throes of a bad cold or flu.”


    Thanks fo the tips, I use a mixture of stuff, vitamin tablets everyday, I keep a bottle of honey and glycerin in my bag along with honey, and in hard gigs, I always have a packet of Vocalzone lozenges to hand. Sir Tom Jones swears by them, so that’s good enough for me. I don’t overuse them, just change the set list so that I don’t sing the really hard songs

  • MrEclectic68

    Yes improper grammar can be frustrating but also being part of the grammar police can be just as frustrating and downright irritating if you want to use your grammar skills then by all means become an editor or proof reader but be kind and mindful to the person who is writing the article and maybe find a way to contact them in a private email or contact the page who is running the article and send them an email alerting them to the correction that needs to be made instead of acting like an ass and drawing attention to it right on the page that is just rude and frankly makes people very put off by your comment so do us all a favor and one stick to the subject at hand instead of trying to get attention for yourself ( which maybe isn’t what you intended but ended up accomplishing) two be courteous of the person that is writing the article it’s their article not yours and lastly if it really bothers you so bad and you really have the need to be a know it all then do the best thing and get your own website and article and have at it and cause on this page all you did was draw people who were looking for advice and help with there problem and drew them away from that just so you could feel superior wow wt was really worth it for you and to be totally honest I wish with the push of one button I could block all people like you from the internet so those of us who want to learn about the subject we came to read can do it without a grammar lesson!

  • MrEclectic68

    Sorry not trying to be rude but when the topic is on rather honey or lemon or both are good for the vocal chords or throat I think going into stomach issues is a far jump off topic I’m not saying it’s bad advice but to me it’s drawing away from the topic at hand and would be better used as a suggestion to the writer or column as a future topic in an email to them cause right now people are trying to focus on this topic and with the effects on vocal chords or the throat and at this point your topic was really unnecessary and better left for another day cause think if you were trying to talk about how honey was bad for IBS and I chimed in with the comment did you know that raw honey is a good source of vital vitamins and minerals yeah its a good point but isn’t what you were trying to discuss is it and it’s takes away from what you were trying to address so my suggestion to anyone who comments on a subject please be mindful of the people who are reading the article and to the person writing the article and keep to the topic on hand cause in some ways it is actually kind of rude!

  • MrEclectic68

    Well you fooled me cause with the way you presented your answer you not only seemed like you were suggesting it but found the topic at hand kind of a joke and for that I thought it was kind of arrogant and rude and just because you have done something for as you said for almost 50years and did this all over the world and that it works for you doesn’t mean that it is good to do or useful cause I have been singing for almost 35 years and also have sang around the world but who really cares about that this was about helping people not a pissing contest and if you were really that knowledgeable about singing ( cause rather you’ve been doing it for 10 or 80 years doesn’t mean you know it all it doesn’t even mean your good at it) you would know that caffeine is actually very bad for vocal chords and one of the biggest causes of vocal strain and alcohol is just as bad it strips your vocal chords of not only unwanted phlem but also much needed moisture the vocal chords need to stay hydrated so in most people other than you could cause serious damage besides for all we know you could be a metal band vocalist who doesn’t mind that there voice sounds like they just got done gargling shards of glass but if you’re a vocalist who wants to sound more like Harry Connick Jr. then it probably wouldn’t be a good idea besides you really need to think about the people that are going to read this for information and what if it’s a 14 or 15 year old who wants to learn good habits for there singing is it really good to be suggesting things like alcohol and caffeine hell it might be my practice to take a hand full of Valume to loosen my vocal chords before a show and wash it down with some codine cough syrup but even if that was true and what I did one it’s really off topic to what was being talked about,it careless for the others especially young people that could be reading this article and is rude to the person who wrote this article and is probably best kept to myself!

  • MrEclectic68

    Wow thanks for the sales pitch let me guess you are a rep for the company LMAO® lol I’m sorry but yes the writer did mention that product but once again another person who just had to go off topic just to make their point it must be the day for people to go off subject and talk about something other than the topic about something I would probably say most of us really don’t care about and once again very rude but hey while your at it does your company have suggestions about something good for Prostate health and eye inflammation wow you really crack me up WOW! oh sorry forgot the ® lmao

  • MrEclectic68

    Wrong my dear and is best you study your facts well before jumping in to correct someone only to fall on your face cause once again you sound very foolish and sounds to me like you really need to go back to school or to a new one cause where ever you learned that gave you very poor information! Cause Gary was very correct but if I remember from the top of the comments you were the grammar police officer who once again had to draw attention to yourself and instead came off sounding quite pathetic are you by chance related to the other genius Kanye West? Lmao

  • MrEclectic68

    Wow you really like to be the know it all don’t you but honey I’d be way more interested with Papa’s answer that came from many years of experience and proper education than your dime store 15 min education so do us all a favor and stop while you’re clearly not ahead before you make an even bigger ass of yourself! Did I write that correctly or is the grammar and knowledge police officer going to write me a ticket LMAO AT YOU SWEETHEART AND ONLY YOU!!!!!!

  • MrEclectic68

    Wow that answer really scares me and is really scary advice to give did you ever bother to think that your throat hurting is your throats way of telling you you’re doing something very wrong and really need to look into proper vocal technique cause I have sang rock and even metal for 30+ years and for as long as 4 one hour and a half sets and with having good vocal lessons and learning good vocal technique I have never needed to take pain medication before doing a show and especially without knowing truly what it was cause like JazzCat said it is far from a muscle relaxer and even if it was that would be an even bigger mistake and would lead to very bad vocal chord damage so please do yourself a favor stay away from the drugstore before a show and maybe visit a good health food store or produce department nature is always the better road to take and while your driving down that road drink lots and lots of water!!! Besides water is much better for you and in most cases is free or a hell of a lot cheaper than drugs any day!!!

  • MrEclectic68

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!

  • MrEclectic68

    Just like with anything to much is to much even if it’s something that is good for you what your teacher should have told you was one not in every glass of water you drank (maybe one in the morning and then one early evening or a few hours before a performance) but not with every glass you drink each day besides what you should always do is ask for clarification or recommending to you the proper amount cause think of it this way if I told you that drinking milk would give you stronger teeth and bones would you go and drink 4-5 gallons a day ? You always need to remember with anything just because someone tells you something is good for you doesn’t mean you should go and ingest as much of it as you can cause anything in excess is bad for you in fact going back to the milk thing now keep in mind you would have to drink a lot but did you know that drinking way to much milk or ingesting large amounts of calcium can cause the opposite effect and lead to bones becoming more brittle instead if stronger!

  • MrEclectic68

    Papa is very correct and so is Gary you really need to check your source of information cause I also read your links and most of it had nothing to do with what he said and the rest of it either contradicted itself or was just plain incorrect really learn to listen and pay attention to what someone is talking about before commenting on it and when you give links to what you think are facts check the facts first and who they came from cause remember Kanye West says he’s a genius but as most can see he isn’t so some sources can mislead you even lie about their credentials also please make sure the links you post actually have to do with the topic and that if they do ( which they didn’t) they give the actual facts!

  • You really need to watch those run on sentences dude…

  • Bill Bankes-Jones

    What on earth does this mean:
    “Lemons contain almost 90% of vitamin C as a whole fruit”?

  • Gob

    Will you just calm yourself! My god you are literally the epitome of the word hypocrite. You go on and on about how you dislike those who attempt to draw attention to themselves with their posts and comments but in reality, you are the one who is criticizing and commenting on other people’s posts. Take your own advice you contradicting cynic.

  • Jimmy


  • MrEclectic68

    Ouch that really hurt I think I just shed one-one millionth of a tear®

  • Fire_and_Steel

    Okay, then. Congratulations, Mr. Electric, on your new record for run-on sentences. And BTW, it’s cayenne pepper, named for a city in French Guiana. Cheyenne could be any of a number of other things, most of which are named after the Native American tribe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheyenne_%28disambiguation%29

  • Fire_and_Steel

    Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in natural form is less likely to have a diuretic effect. (That’s the medical term for “makes you pee more,” if anyone was wondering.) But vitamin C supplements can have that effect. If you’re drinking plenty of liquids anyway, dehydration from it shouldn’t be a concern.

  • Freya Astrella

    Hey, thanks. That’s interesting but not surprising. I think we are all a bit too neurotic about these things. As long as we keep sipping our water then we will be fine!

  • Fire_and_Steel

    “Limeys” comes from when the British Navy (when vessels had only sails) included limes in the sailors’ rations. Whoever came up with the idea might not have known it was vitamin C that prevented scurvy, but they knew it worked, so they did it.
    We can brag about “American Innovation,” but there was a lot of “English Innovation” over the course of history, too.

  • MrEclectic68

    Thank you Mr obvious for trying to nail me with something someone already beat you to Wow your good lol!!! And lastly if you’re going to correct someone make sure it’s the correct person cause where did I even use the word Cheyenne or Cayenne in my comment above about caffeine and alcohol? If your going to go off on someone make sure it’s on the post you think they misspoke on and not another one cause otherwise it’s plain ignorant in my opinion! And yes I am entitled to my own opinion last I checked!

  • Fire_and_Steel

    1) No one “went off” on you. But the above rant suggest maybe you need some diazepam (Valium); in moderation, not a handful. (I’m guessing that’s what a “fist full of Valume” means.) Then maybe you could ease up on the exclamation points.
    2) You need to work on things like “your” and “you’re.” (You had it right in one out of three uses.) Proper punctuation is a Good Thing, too. Writing like a fifth-grader makes your opinions less credible. You might know a great deal about a subject, but if you can’t express your knowledge properly, many people won’t listen to or read what you write or say. Typographical errors do happen, and sometimes writers let their spellchecker lead them astray (Cheyenne/cayenne). BTW, it’s “phlegm,” not “phlem.” That one’s yours, and the correct spelling was in the article.
    3) I know you didn’t use “Cheyenne” or “cayenne” in any of your posts. I pretty much threw out bait, and you rose to it. It was actually a “to whom it may concern,’ so maybe now no one will be wandering around the store looking for “Cheyenne pepper.” I can repost it so it’s not a reply to you, if that makes you feel better.
    4) Yes, you are entitled to your opinion. Opinions are like a certain part of the human anatomy. (Could be the navel, or it could be something located on the posterior aspect of the body.): “Everyone’s got one.”

  • Fire_and_Steel

    Yup. Get the good healthy water. :-)

  • How eclecticacaccally garbageously irrelevant was all of that !

    Well done !

  • Guilty ! Oh Eclectic One !



  • Yeah, and just shut your Gob as we say in the good old U/S OF U.K. eh ?

  • Hey guys, ain’t yah just stoked that we got the great Goddess Freya tah tell us all how not to wet our pants ?

    I’m gonna keep wearing my waterproof pullup tho’……just in case I make a drip of myself !

  • Yay ! Up the Poms !

  • cdcollins

    Natural honey is also a natural antibiotic.

  • cdcollins

    Loraleigh was not rude. You are the only one who has been rude. It’s ridiculous that many U.S. citizens don’t know how to use their own language. Rather than being so sensitive and raising their hackles when their poor grammar is pointed out, they ought to be grateful to the person pointing it out and work to correct their grammar deficiencies. People are judged and jobs lost because of poor grammar. I wish I could eliminate rude people like you from the internet, if not our country, with the push of a button.

  • Most likely, it means that the author works around dietary topics so much that she takes certain terms for granted, and forgot to phrase it as “90% _DV_ of Vitamin C”.

    I agree it’s a really annoying error, because you’re right, “X% of nutrient” doesn’t mean anything. Not the first time I’ve seen/heard it.

  • Clara

    LOL…another me…

  • Jimmy

    Monkey ’tard.

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  • Marcos Ficarelli

    Thanks Sharon, very precise.

  • Denise Hammond

    If you sing what is good to help your voice.

  • #Brolluminati

    the comments sections in these articles are hilarious.. my hats off to all you world traveling, platinum selling, vocal-masters degree grammy winners

  • Chirag Purohit

    Thats Amazing too know as a singer :) great website check my brother’s – http://www.speedmech.in/

  • Janaire Bella York

    Why u being mean tho? Ew
    U y mad tho lets hear u sang lol 😜

  • Niawithnat

    I was singing in a bar for 9 months straight in South Korea on a contract. 6 nights a week – after 6 months we had a three day break. My colleague was struck down with pneumonia at one point, leaving me to carry the gig myself – 4hrs/night – until we had a dear friend fill in until our other singer had recovered. The last two months I relied on anti-inflammatories to save my vocal chords. It was all rock and pop covers – original keys. No rest when we were all hit with a cold. There is no amount of technique training that could help me.
    I hate to think what prolonged use of anti-inflammatories did to my internal organs, but I went cold turkey on the meds and singing for over two years when I got back home.
    I do not recommend what I did to anybody. I have a terrible affliction of not quitting. Quitting before the end of the contract in that case would have been the wisest thing to do.
    But I am happy to say I am back singing – 1-2 gigs a week. Love lemon/Manuka honey tea.

  • john smith

    “throes” not “throws”

  • Niawithnat
  • Niawithnat
  • Niawithnat
  • Niawithnat
  • Niawithnat
  • Niawithnat
  • Niawithnat
  • Niawithnat
  • I think it would’ve been most helpful to actually give a recipe for the *exact* portions of each ingredient. i.e. 1 part lemon + 2 parts honey, to 3 parts water (or whatever).

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