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How and Why to Share Your Song Stems

560x200-cover“Collaborating and music sharing has brought me musical and creative benefits that are unparalleled.” –says IAMEVE

I regularly invite DJs/producers/remixers to download my stems to see what they can create from my songs via platforms like Indaba Music, BitTorrent, and SoundCloud.


I love remixes because they breathe new life into my songs and often are super inspiring.

A lot of times a song can gain traction from a remix – so I’m always looking for talented collaborators that might know how to put that magic touch on one of my songs.

Three Main Reasons IAMEVE shares her stems:

1. Relationships. Through sharing my stems, I’ve developed amazing relationships with a lot of talented people. Being part of a huge creative community is something that I deeply value and need as a songwriter and musician.

2. Fans. When you collaborate with someone else, you share audience with one another, so you’re automatically expanding. On top of that, a good remix will introduce your song into a different genre, where you will develop new fans as well.

3. Creativity. When I hear great remixes or covers of a song I’ve written, it is incredibly inspiring to my own creative process because I hear the song in a new way.


Remixes have the potential to breathe new life into songs.

As a writer and producer, my basic view is to do what you do and then let others do what they do and be willing to be surprised.

It’s a bit of a digital Wild West out there, so you never know what’s going to happen.

But the bottom line is that a great song can be taken to another level with a great remix and a remix is nothing without a great song. Either way, it’s good fun.

How do you do this?

You can check out what I’ve done with the stems for “To Feel Alive”, which was on the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters soundtrack.

These stems are from the new acoustic version and are available for download for remixes.

If you do a remix, upload it to Soundcloud and tag with #IAMEVE #ToFeelAlive!


IAMEVE www.iamevemusic.com is the creation of sci-fi inspired singer/songwriter Tiff Randol. Up and coming by the Songwriters Hall of Fame, IAMEVE has been featured in over 100 films and TV shows, most recently in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters An acoustic and remix version of “To Feel Alive” has been released as a digital 7-inch.

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