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How Do You Combat Stress?

This week we’re looking at how stress can impact upon our singing.

Like it or not our voice is inextricably linked to our body and mind – and to everything that comes with it! Singers thus create true emotive performances, emanating from the very muscles and bones we are using to create the sound. However, this emotional ability can also be our downfall. If we are stressed or fatigued our bodies we react differently, forcing us to constantly reassess the way we are singing. Acute stress can often make us feel strained in the higher portions of our range and even take away notes altogether! This week, we’d like to hear about the methods you use to keep the stress out of your singing.

So the question is: Can our levels stress impact upon our singing & how do you combat this?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked:  Tell us about your first gig. How did it make you feel & how did it inspire you to continue your journey as a singer?

Lorianne Crolla wrote…

“I had a bad case of strep throat and had to play Led Zeppelin covers all night in front of a packed house. I turned to my drummer and said, “I can’t do it, I can’t do it” and he said “Yes you can, Yes you can!” so I did a couple of shots of Jack Daniels (a big no no) and proceeded to push out the songs with all my might. We have the gig on tape Thank God because I don’t remember the second half of the night! But I did it”!

Mark Ryan commented…

“I remember not being sure how to conduct myself to the audience, and as a result, probably came off a bit overly formal. I knew I could get better, as I got more comfortable expressing my idiosyncrasies. It was actually a pretty hot crowd that night, but I’d say what drove me, was the notion of playing to larger, and more manic ones)”.

Barbara Anne posted…

“Knees Knocking”!

Thanks again guys, I really enjoyed reading your responses this week. Looking forward to next week’s discussion.

All the best, C x

  • Poppa Madison

    Welcome stress! It calls upon the reserves of one’s constitution and puts it to the test.
    At the same time, regulate exposure to it. Too much and you can flop out. Too little and you are not challenged. None? you might as well give the game away!

    I can say that because I am old enough and have been stressed out enough to now know better and to be able to share words of wisdom.

    Love Y’all …..keep on smiling now, and know that stress can be a friend or a mortal foe! ……. Depends who you let be in control of it.