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How Singers Get Dubbing Jobs

There are orthodox ways to find work…and unorthodox ways –says Beth Trollan

Through hard work, networking, and some zany coincidences, Beth Trollan has become seasoned in dubbing and voice-overs.

Now she believes that these can be solid additions to the work portfolio of a contemporary singer.

How do you get started? We asked Beth to show us the way:

Make it Reel: The first thing you will need is a demo reel. This consists of varying interpretations of text samples that may include: Character, Advertisement, Narration, Corporate and of course Singing samples of your voice. My first animation character recording was recorded on my telephone –and I was lucky to have this lead to a booking. You may opt to do the preproduction in your home studio with scripts and sound effects but getting the voice recorded professionally is a must. It’s advisable to record with an engineer who can help you with mixing backing tracks and sound effects to get a great voice reel.

Find the Source: These jobs come through agents, studios and casting directors and the best way to find these are by being active and working in the sector. Be like Jim Carey in “Yes Man”: accept all opportunities. One job always leads to another. I found my first Dubbing/VO agent doing a commercial but don’t discount the weird and wonderful – I once had to be saved by my neighbor from the rain because I was locked out on my balcony. I looked like a drowned mouse! We’d actually never met before so he asked me what I did, etc. It turned out that he had an uncle in dubbing! Incredibly I couldn’t have conceived this encounter myself, but my intentions and a little help from above did!

Galactic Persistence: let’s say you find the source, but you’re not successful in getting a booking. What then? Persist and follow up if you really want it. I’d sent my voice demo to a casting director but a few months had passed and still there was no reaction until one day when I included the casting director in a support email (I had participated in a contest for singers that counted e-votes). I wound up getting booked for a small animation job shortly thereafter. Send out your tractor beam and persist in your goals everyday with stellar passion.

A Love Supreme: I believe in the goodness of people. Nurture your contacts and really care about the people with whom you come into contact and they may see your sincerity of heart and return it back to you. Of course don’t expect everyone to be on that wavelength, but persist in being genuinely excited for others’ successes and grateful to know them. I know some folks who get “cut throat” and jealous when others have more success. I believe that positivity seeds more positivity. I have had several jobs come to me gratefully through loving friends who believed in my talents.

-Beth Trollan

Beth Trollan is a Brooklyn born singer/actress from New York. She is a published songstress and collaborative lyricist. One can see her hit the big screen this year in Grand Piano in the supporting role of Emma’s Publicist, a thriller that finds itself where the worlds of Hitchcock and and Speed collide. It stars… READ MORE ABOUT BETH TROLLAN