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How To Access Your Inner Vocal Power

See how primal sounds can transform your approach to singing –says Dane Chalfin

Leading Industry coach Dane Chalfin works with a single vocal phrase to demonstrate how singers can unleash vocal strength & diversity.

(see last week’s videos which introduce the concept here – Babies Screaming and Singers Singing).

The video also features the Leeds based singer-songwriter Evie Rowlands:

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Héllena Héllena - Heaven's A Lie

I really like the song but I feel like you are having to let your voice thin out too much in the upper range to give a really credible rock sound. Maybe think of dropping the key a bit so you can really thicken up the vocal settings and deliver a more intense sound. It would be great to hear you utilize more yell-based, belt sounds here and get away from that cry/mix sound a bit more. Have a look at my videos on Primal Sound for some things to experiment with.

Dane Chalfin

Dane Chalfin is a leading industry vocal coach and voice rehabilitation specialist. His clients include well-known artists and actors and his teacher training courses attract professional vocal coaches and singing teachers from around the world. Principal Lecturer at Leeds College of Music and a director of the British Voice Association. www.21stcenturysinger.co.uk


Evie Rowlands is a big-haired, bubbly singer songwriter from the welsh capitol, Cardiff. With influences coming from the musical greats of Dinah Washington, Elvis Presley, to artists like Christina Aguilera, Norah Jones, Ed Sheeran, and Allison Krauss, Evie’s music fuses the sound of pop and folk and a hint of jazz, telling stories of love, friendship and growing up through her lyrics and “jazzy yet mesmerising vocals’’.

  • Weston Tobias

    neat concept. I’ll try these out. I hope there will be more on this or that I find out how I can develop this in myself with some other resource. thanks.