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Deal with Your Vocal Fatigue Now.

Mister Tim gives you the recipe to ward off singing exhaustion.


…faithful VoiceCouncil Magazine reader Matthew Iverson cursed me.

In the comments section of my article from two weeks ago, he posed this fabulous question:

“Hey Mister Tim… out of curiosity, how do you deal with vocal fatigue and also what do you do if you are sick?”

Such an amazing question! Fatigue and illness are the primary practical obstacles we have to deal with as singers.

But MATTHEW, YOU CURSED ME!!!! In the week after you posted your comment I had to deal with multiple fatigue problems AND I got sick and had to gig anyway.

Behold the power of the Voice Council comments section!

There is waaaaaaay more to say about these topics than I can cover in a short article – vocal pedagogues spend entire careers studying these topics.

I will save the SICK question for next week, and this week cover:


I use my voice for a lot of projects. Fatigue is a very real challenge.

Your voice training really is a process of 1) identifying physical blocks that impede your ideal sound and 2) strengthening and building stamina.

So we could say that singing is a SCIENCE (analyzing and experimenting with the physical process to make it better) and a SPORT (training, strengthening, and coordinating the physical process in preparation for performance).

I could go on – but why don’t you CHOOSE the area that is most important to you:

-Mister Tim

My Reactions To This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Marc de la Torre – No Such Thing (cover)

Really sweet sound, Marc. Good range, relaxed vocal quality, nice. I wondered if you might be a shade * too * relaxed? This song has such a nice bounce to it, I’d like to see a little more bounce (in your physical presentation) and hear a bit more bounce in the words. There are great words – scream, bust, lie, rise, run – could you infuse them with a little more energy?

Lauren Harrison – Turning Tables (cover)

Very fine singing, Lauren. You’ve got a great vocal quality and it sounds like you’ve worked hard in training your voice. You’re talented enough vocally that I think you can start concentrating on singing the emotional poetry of the song. I feel like the choruses are energetic and emotional, so can you be just as invested in the verses even though they’re quieter? Really think about and express the words so that it can become more than just beautiful notes.

Ian – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (cover)

Really cool sound, Ian. I really like the bluesy take on an old sentimental classic. I’d like to hear you take it even further: why not make it even more rough and dirty and bluesy? Chop those strings a little harder, put a little more edge into the voice, it totally works as a blues tune! I love your rendition!

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  • This is an awesome article here!! Love the format you put it in!! I really appreciate the wonderful advice and especially from such a pro. Sorry about cursing you .. really it was all part of my plan to get you do to this write up :)

    Thanks again Mr. Tim.. you rock!