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How to Energize Yourself and Your Audience

Fly by Midnight on stage
Fly By Midnight’s retro pop covers have garnered millions of YouTube views.

They charted high on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart and Reverbnation’s Top 40 Pop chart and have been featured on Buzzfeed, iHeartMoosiq and CBS Radio.

Justin and Slavo tell us how they stay energized, connect with their fans, and keep their voices in tip top condition.

What drew you into the world of YouTube?
Justin: I had always been interested in any form of creativity, but the idea of publishing anything to the world in a click of a button always intrigued me. I wanted to impress a girl I met in high school so what better way than to upload a video to YouTube?

Live performances are a huge part of why we make music

Do you do live performances as well?
Slavo: I would actually say that live performances are a huge part of why we make music. Not only do we get to play our tunes for fans who care enough to show up, but we also get to experience their unfiltered reaction to an energetic moment.

A tip on performing in front of the camera
J: I’ve always visualized the camera lens as an audience fueled with energy which allows me to connect, rather than feel like I’m staring into a piece of metal.

Your videos look great – what equipment do you use?
S: We rock a Canon EOS 60D camera with an Opteka fish eye lense to assist in capturing an impressive “Go Pro” like visual. The magic behind our videos is an enthusiastic performance and quick transitions between shots.

The magic behind our videos is an enthusiastic performance and quick transitions between shots

How does a video go viral?
J: The idea of a video going viral is always such an exciting concept because there is no winning strategy to achieve it. It’s just a matter of how the video impacts people. If a video intrigues someone enough to share it the virality begins.

What can be learned from collaboration?
S: Every new project / collaboration offers something fresh and exciting. As a duo who constantly write with each other on our own material, collaborations always remind us there’s more creativity to be had beyond the four walls of our comfort zone.

How do you best connect to your fans?
J: We’ve recently been using the platform Snapchat to connect to fans. Because it’s a real-time photo sharing app it allows the relationship to feel more personal. Nothing’s more rewarding than receiving videos from our fans singing along to songs of ours.

Most important lesson you have learned about social media?
J: Consistency is key. I relate it to having a best friend. For the most part you’ll speak to your best friend every day. Same goes for social media. We can’t abandon our fans for a day. We’re always up to something fun so why not share it?


Our new favorite gear is TC-Helicon’s Perform V units!

Have you ever had singing lessons?
J: We’re both vocally trained. More than anything technique related, it’s allowed us to become more disciplined about vocal health.

How do you look after your voice?
J: Certain diets, a great night’s sleep, a proper vocal warm up, the ability to relax, and knowing your limits.

Favorite vocal gear?
J: Our new favorite gear is TC-Helicon’s Perform V units! We’re the type of artists that like to have a hand in creatively controlling our live show and this unit allows just that. With the ability to control our vocals on stage, our performance is in our hands. Best feeling for a performer!

Fly By Midnight

Known for their infectious energy and unique harmonies, retro-pop duo, Fly By Midnight, was formed in their NY based studio. Former MTV’s Dream Bigger reality star and multi-instrumentalist, Justin Bryte, was introduced to The Emergence Music Group’s producer Slavo back in 2015. After collaborating they saw an undeniable potential for combining their artistry. FBM continues to grow their fan base and contrary to the expected atmosphere of a live show, they’ve turned their concerts into an all out party event.

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