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How to Find Your Vocal Range

VoiceCouncil Magazine presents Lisa Popeil on developing your singing range.


Lisa Popeil is one of LA’s top voice coaches. She is the creator of the ‘Daily Vocal Workout for Pop Singers’ CD download (for Male and Female) as well as the Voiceworks® Method and the Total Singer DVD, conducts cutting-edge voice research, lectures internationally and is a vocal health consultant. Lisa is a voting member of NARAS, the Grammy® organization, ASCAP, AFTRA and the National Association of Teachers of Singing. www.popeil.com

  • Castlewood

    Thanks appreciate the video. One question – why the difference in making the sounds between low notes and high notes?

  • Castlewood

    Just starting to get into singing, so it’s all new to me. So if it’s a stupid question, sorry, but trying to learn.

  • Some awesome tips here!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  • Lisa Popeil

    Actually quite a good question! It’s easier to find low notes with a lowered voice-box so the ‘aw’ vowel with a pointy chin helps lower the voice-box. As for the lip trills as one technique to find highest note, it’s easier for the vocal folds to emit sound using the trills than actually singing a note. Sometimes, I ask for a squeak or a squeal to determine the highest note of the range if there’s a problem using the trills. Hope that helps!

  • I have done what TC said to do and I have discovered my voice using my Voicelive Play GTX. It took a bit of fiddling and mucking about to work out how to get out of the magic box what I wanted, but once I found my way around a bit I was able to produce some really nice tracks. Not having been able to find other singers to give of their time to share my love of harmony singing has held me back for ages. Not any more. I am now my own Composer, Musical Accompanimentalist, Lead singer, Choirmaster and Harmony Backing group. I might just start calling myself “Jack DAW ” !

    Oh yes…..and I will be 69 in April 2013.

    I guess it’s never too late to find the answers to some things eh?

    Thanks TC Helicon for your great product/s and your fantastic support to us all in the music community through Voice Council.

    Happy Christmas to all at the company and the best for 2013.

    P.S. Look out for my new song “Wot’s Christmas For An Aussie ?” on Itunes and other download sites via CD Baby.com

    Poppa Madison – Woodridge Queensland Australia 15 Dec 2012