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How To Get Your Heroes To Be Your Board Of Directors – 3 Steps

Connie Lim
I wanted to be inspired, and be around people who were the same as me -says Connie Lim.

Just 2 years ago, I was at a point where I felt like I wanted to raise my frequency. I knew that I wasn’t reaching my professional potential.

Here’s how I expanded my consciousness, and attracted my heroes into my life:

1. I invited my friend Josh out for coffee.

I invited my friend Josh out for coffee.

Well, it wasn’t quite as simple as that. I decided it was time to start sharing my hopes and goals with others to get their insights.

Josh seemed like the right person do to this with – I noticed that he was really proactively improving his songwriting chops, building his own studio, and playing drums for a lot of people. His energy had always been positive, and he had always gone out of his way to give valuable feedback to me as he was drumming for my band.

As we were having coffee, I told him that I wanted to build and be better with my songwriting. I also asked him if he had any suggestions as to how I could get better. He immediately told me about Suzan Koc, a really great songwriting coach that held songwriting workshops.

Hungry for growth, I immediately looked her up and signed up for a 6 week workshop. Fast-forward 2 years, Suzan is my mentor who not only gives me amazing feedback for my songs, but also my career. She has coached me through a lot of new business scenarios, and given me confidence to make moves that have improved my career immensely. She sends cowriters and collaborators my way, and I have never been busier.

It all starts when we state our intentions out loud to ourselves and those around us: “I’m really trying to open up to build community.” Or, “I’m really trying to learn more about my profession, and be around people who inspire me.”

2. I offered to work for free.

I offered to work for free.

The first time I met one of my main collaborators, I noticed that her lifestyle and creative workflow were something I wanted to emulate for my own career. Her production chops and songwriting instincts were to die for. Even better yet, her business acumen was super strong, and that was exactly what I needed to work for.

Rather than just driving back home after our last scheduled session wondering how the heck I was going to create a career for myself as she did, I decided to tell her that I admired her style of work and would love to learn from her. If she was open to it, I would love to intern for her, and work for free. I told her I was open to getting coffee, editing monotonous files, etc. Luck would have it that she was in search of an intern!

I ended up being able to be at the studio multiple times a week, meeting the awesome artists she collaborated with, learning soft and hard skills necessary for successful studio days, and most importantly, getting inspired to become better.

Because of the internship, she and I became closer, and we got to share our dreams and intentions (step number 1), and she started to help me by bringing me into sessions to sing and write. Fast forward 1 year, she and I are producing an EP, and have created music and strategy that have led to my song landing as the 2nd season trailer song for the Netflix show Marco Polo.

3. I invited acquaintances I had always liked over for food.

I invited acquaintances I had always liked over for food.

In fact, this turned into a creative women’s circle, and now some of those women are my main go-tos for creative and career advice. Several are now close friends, who bring so much joy into my life.

Everyone’s style and ideas will be a bit different, as these are the things that worked for my personality. The best way I could design my own approach to opening up was simply treating people how I wanted to be treated.

As a mentor, I am always flattered and more open to mentoring if I know the person is passionate enough to volunteer time to learn, without asking for anything in return. As a friend, I always appreciate when my friends bring some food or treats, without me asking.

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