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How To Grow Your Brand On Instagram

How to Grow Your Brand on Instagram
Instagram is catching up with Facebook and YouTube as a major player in music promotion and networking.

From keeping it personal to going mad with hashtags, these 3 Instagram superstars share their secrets of success

Get Creative With Covers

Jeffrey Fever’s exuberant brand of pop music has amassed 140 thousand followers on Instagram.

He says:

In my experience, the best way to grow a following on Instagram as a musician is to use hashtags. If people like it, they can tag their friends in the comment section. This is an organic way of spreading the news.Putting your own unique twist to a song really captivates peoples’ attention

Putting your own unique twist to a song really captivates peoples’ attention. Recording a song is not easy, but Instagram videos are only 5-6 seconds.

Although you’re a musician, people ultimately want to fall in love with the artist. Don’t forget to post pictures about you and express your personality from that too.

This is one of my first short covers I posted to my Instagram:

But I… Can't help falling in love with you 🙈 Full 23s version is on Twitter @jeffreyfever 😅

A video posted by Jeffrey Chang (@jeffreyfever) on

People love to hear classic songs with your own twist. I think people enjoyed this post mainly because a lot of them know that I’m very insecure about posting these type of videos, and the fact that it was so short made them want to hear more.

Gain Fans With Family Values

Frog Leap Studios rock out in chilly Norway along with their 21 thousand followers.

Front man, Leo tells us:

The best ways to grow your following is to post interesting stuff as often you can

The best ways to grow your following is to post interesting stuff as often you can. Be consistent and output quality.

I mainly use Instagram to boost the promotion of my YouTube Channel, but when I share everyday happenings I give extra effort to picture composition.

My kid will always get way more likes than anything I do musically! So add a personal element.

This is a perfect example:

The boss approving my mixes:) #metal #frogleapstudios #mixes

A photo posted by Leo Moracchioli (@frogleapstudios) on

My followers loved this post because it mixed work with a bit of fun.

Shout The Loudest With Hashtags

Kfir Ochaion’s elegant electric guitar covers have garnered him almost 40 thousand fans.

His top advice is:

Be consistent – Choose your main topic and go all the way.

Use up to 30 hashtags per post

You don’t have a lot of followers to spam (yet) so you can post few times a day. Chances are, not all your followers will even see your posts at the beginning.

Use up to 30 hashtags per post. Search for the big channels, see if they tag other channels, if they do tag them and hope for a returned tag.

Here’s a short cover I did:

I chose the strongest part of the cover, which is the second chorus and the solo. I hash tagged each member of the band, and searched for popular tags that are connected with the band.