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How to Keep Music-Career Discouragement at Bay

Alyssa with her guitar
No one turned around for her on the Voice – but now Alyssa Bonagura’s career is beginning to fly.

Alyssa Bonagura is prolific Nashville artist and songwriter who grew up in a musical family.

She won a scholarship to Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts before signing a publishing deal with Rondor Music, LA.

Graduating The Paul McCartney Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Alyssa Graduating The Paul McCartney Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

The reality of this profession is that EVERYONE is trying to make it.

You take a minute to breathe, and someone is waiting to take your place.

It is a very competitive job. But if you’re doing it for the right reasons, then you can’t go wrong.

Ground Yourself

You can hear when something is done for the $ and not the heart. I regularly remind myself of the key truth that Music brings us all together.

It’s a magical thing. So if you treat it with the respect that it gives you, it will take you where you need to go.

I’m reminded that I’m living my truth as a musician and singer songwriter when someone walks up to me after a gig and says I touched their heart in some way, or they related to me.

Music brings us together – all races, all nationalities. It’s the one good source of energy that creates peace.

When I center myself and meditate before I go on stage, it helps me leave anything that happened during the day and gives me a clean slate when I walk on stage.

Photo Collage of Alyssa recording and singing

It’s important to be cautious with everything, but dive in head first at the same time

Anticipate A Variety Of Reactions To Your Music

The music business is a complex and strange animal.

It’s important to be cautious with everything, but dive in head first at the same time. I have watched many friends hold back because someone at a record company told them they didn’t like their music.

It’s easy to get discouraged when one person tells you they like your art, then another tells you they don’t like it. But that the thing, it’s art!

Alyssa winning her CMAO award

Alyssa winning her CMAO award

Some people like Picasso… and some people don’t.

If someone says, “Hey, your music is great but it’s not right for our label,” then don’t let that stop you from taking it in to another label.

Someone will get it and all it takes is 1 person to start believing in you to change everything.

When you start believing in yourself doors start opening.

When I was trying to find my voice as an artist, someone suggested I try out for The Voice.

I got to the blind auditions and sang my song but no one turned around for me.

It was a really strange feeling; a feeling of rejection but also a huge realization that I wasn’t on the right path.

After that was over I came back to Nashville and had the courage to walk into offices I was scared to before. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

When you fall, you gotta get up, try again and keep honing your craft. Learn from your mistakes but don’t give up because someone doesn’t turn around for you! One path leads to another. Always.

Alyssa photoshoot

With a voice that touches somewhere deep inside, Alyssa Bonagura’s melodies and lyrics are as haunting as they are beautiful. From the youthful, bouncing ukulele sing along you may have heard on the nationwide 2012 Lowe’s commercial, “I Make My Own Sunshine” to her rockin’, power-pop influenced “Warrior,” and everything in between, Alyssa has polished her own unique musical style. Visit Alyssa Bonagura’s website.