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How to Make Amazing but Affordable YouTube Videos

Twenty One Two Main
Twenty One Two have achieved millions of hits online because of their slick and energetic pop/rock covers including ‘Royals’, ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Shake it Off’.

Lead singer and guitarist Mikael Olsson tells us how they create professional music videos on a shoe string.

What was it that drew you into the world of YouTube?
We started sharing our music on YouTube in late 2013. We started performing covers mainly to practice audio engineering. Covers are a great way to practice the technical side because you don’t have to worry about writing the actual song.

You’ve made a decision to focus on sharing your music on YouTube – why did you do that?
We realized quite quickly that Youtube is a great platform for reaching a lot of people all over the world with your music. Another part of it has to do with the fact that we’re also interested in making music videos.


Today we’re using a Sony A7s to shoot our videos, but remember that the camera is only a small part of what makes a good video

Do you have any tips for singers who are posting for the first time?
Look at it as a way of getting better as a singer/artist and not just a way of getting “famous”. Quality is always better than quantity. Have patience, if you just stick with it the hard work will pay off.

A tip on the technical side of the process?
Try to do the absolute best you can with what you already have. Only upgrade your gear once you feel that it’s truly the gear that is holding you back from progressing.

Your videos look great – what equipment do you use?
Today we’re using a Sony A7s to shoot our videos. But it’s really important once again to emphasize the fact that we only upgraded to that camera once we felt that the old one was holding us back from progressing. Another thing to remember is that the camera is only a small part of what makes a good video. Even more important is the lighting, location and how you use the camera. We use two cheap soft box lights and some cheap led bars for most of our videos.

And what tips would you have for people who don’t have that equipment?
One of our all time favourite videos that we have done (Zedd- Find You) was shot with basic construction lights, a home built glide cam and a beginner DSLR camera. So a good tip would be to do as much DIY as you can before you go out and purchase expensive equipment.

What was so enjoyable about making this video?
We love that it looks so good despite the fact that we did it with basic and inexpensive equipment.

Is there an artist on YouTube that you really like?
Haley Klinkhammer. We did two covers with her, she is really talented.

What does the future hold for Twenty One Two?
At the moment we’re working on original music that we’re hoping to release soon to make the transition from YouTube group to original band.


Twenty One Two are a unique rock/pop duo from Sweden consisting of Mikael Olsson and Rickard Lindvall. Their 10 year career has recently branched out onto YouTube and Spotify and have millions of hits on each!

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