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How to Succeed at Live Sound

A great show requires a lot of preparation. And good sound. These 7 popular articles and videos on live sound will make sure you’re set up for success.

Live Sound For a Singer – The Basic Overview

  1. Live Sound For a Singer – The Basic Overview

Getting heard at a live venue is about your voice, but also the sound of the band as a whole. In this video, TC-Helicon’s Craig Fraser teaches you to be an advocate for both.


  1. Help To Buy Your Own Mic

Haven’t bought your own live mic yet? These mic reviews by VoiceCouncil’s principle product reviewer will help you take the plunge.


  1. Three Different Types of Monitors

Learn about stage, in-ear and near-field monitors, and how to position stage monitors. These concise explanations will help you choose what works best for your situation.


  1. An Intro To Vocal Effects

In this video, Craig Fraser explains what vocal effects do and why they help your voice cut through the mix in a live setting. It also discusses the two options you have: bring your own effects vs. use the effects that are built into the venue’s sound system.


  1. Which Reverb?

This video will show you which types of reverbs work best with which types of songs. Tom Lang demonstrates each one so you can hear the difference for yourself.


  1. What Gain Is, and Why it Matters So Much

This video is the best explanation you will ever get on the difference between gain and volume. Craig Fraser helps many singers decode the mysteries of audio technology with his series, Live Sound For Singers.


  1. Hear for Yourself What EQ Does

This video takes less than 1.5 minutes to teach you what EQ is. Engineer Wes Maebe cranks the EQ knobs to the extreme so you can hear for yourself how the sound is transformed.