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Hunter Bowles – Your Love is Strong cover

My name is Hunter Bowles. I love writing and playing music. For those who like my music, thanks for singing along with me! For those who hate it, thanks for giving it a try!

  • Well felt.. I liked it. Well played too. Great sound.. especially if you were using a webcam. My only thing is I like to see the whole guitar in a video..not just part of it… I know its moot..more of a video asthetics thing really.

  • Russ

    Great sound guitar and vocals sound great (nice tone)

  • Hi Hunter,

    I do like where you’re going here. Your voice is good but a little monotonal. Work at breathing your own life into it. Your playing and rhythm is solid. I listen to Christian radio in the morning as it gets me in the right mood, while driving through traffic. It’s a great genre of music. Are you geared toward Christian music? It’s a great place to start and to wind up. Keep up the hard work my brother and thanks for sharing!