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I Developed Nodules and Survived!

I Developed Nodules

Back in the mid-90s, during a particularly heavy performing schedule, I noticed that my voice was a little husky and accessing my head voice was more difficult than it should’ve been. Since it was my living, I felt obliged to take all the singing work coming my way. As a result I was singing seven days a week for months on end…

There was no pain, so I figured it wasn’t a throat infection, but it also wasn’t resolving. So I decided to go to an ENT who diagnosed me with early or ‘soft’ nodules. It was something I had always dreaded getting (not knowing then what I know now), but it turned out that with recuperative exercises from a speech therapist and managing my vocal workload better, they disappeared quickly and never returned.

This experience made me very interested in vocal physiology & vocal function and turned me into a sympathetic, useful teacher to my clients who find themselves in a similar position. Having “been there, done that” and found my way through it both as a singer and as a vocal coach, it puts me in a strong position for providing advice and support.

When a singer comes to me having been diagnosed with nodules, the first thing I do is let them know about all the positives. I then ask what they wish to do about them. Most want to be rid of them and sing with a completely healthy voice again. But occasionally a singer might like the ‘sexy’ texture that nodules give their voice, so they can opt to keep them and work around them. They are ‘their’ nodules after all! Either way, it’s important that I work in conjunction with their medical practitioner, where possible, to ensure the best outcome.

There is absolutely no shame in having developed nodules. And there is certainly no need at all to panic :)

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Kim Chandler is one of the UK’s top contemporary vocal coaches and session singers. She runs a busy private teaching studio and recording studio in London and is a Principal Lecturer at Leeds College of Music. Kim is the immediate past President of the British Voice Association, choir director for Abbey Road Studio’s corporate recording sessions and creator of the popular “Funky ‘n Fun” vocal training series.