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I Want My Vocals to Cut Through the Drums & Bass

You’re not always in the ideal sonic situation with the ideal PA – what do you do?

Tom and Trevor Lang reveal important tips when you are singing in live settings with drummers and bass players who are obliterating your vocal sound:

Want to see more from Trevor and Tom? Watch their video: “The Peril of Forcing Your Vocals”

Tom Bio

Tom Lang is a singer-songwriter gaining national attention with his newest album, Super Sonic, available at CDBaby and on iTunes and Spotify. By day he’s a product manager at TC-Helicon, where his singing experience and extensive use of audio products provides invaluable feedback on performance in diverse environments. By night, Tom regularly sings and plays guitar, keyboards and fiddle in several bands. See www.tomlangmusic.com

Trevor Bio

Trevor Lang is a musician and songwriter for Tango Lima. Formerly known as Noble Savage, Tango Lima is a musical outlet of Trevor’s various creative projects. He mostly works on short films, music videos, live videos and covers.

Website | Soundcloud | YouTube

  • Bernie Burnalot

    No mention about Compression? Compressors, whether outboard equipment, or as a plug in in the laptop will do WONDERS for not only boosting the volume of the vocal, but can be tuned to bring out specific frequencies that will CUT through the rumble!