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IAMEVE’s Top Music Apps

IAMEVE’s Top Music Apps
IAMEVE is gaining serious attention for taking listeners on an imaginative and mesmerizing musical journey.

She is also known for live performances that incorporate her imaginative use of technology, experimental sounds and alternative synth pop.

We asked her to share her top music apps:


Animoog and Beatwave are my favorites. Animoog sounds surprisingly amazing for an iphone app and I love the way writing on it gets me to think differently.

Beatwave is similar to another app that I use sometimes called Figure by Propellerhead.

Both of them give you the ability to loop drums, bass and synths. If you are in a writing session and want an easy beat to have going in the background while writing – this is a great tool.

Take is a creative vocal recorder that I use a lot because you can record the vocal in over a beat to sing over.

Soundcloud is a fun way to hear new music and connect with people. It’s especially fun to use for things like sharing stems and for others to remix – which I’m doing right now. I have previously shared stems through Indaba music (which is also great) – but for this go around I’m playing with SoundCloud.

Are you an Android user wondering why we recommend so many iOS apps? See our article ‘Android or iOS – Which Is Better for Musician Apps?’ where we explain why this is.


IAMEVE is the creation of sci-fi inspired singer/songwriter Tiff Randol. Up and coming by the Songwriters Hall of Fame, IAMEVE has been featured in over 100 films and TV shows, most recently in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

An acoustic and remix version of “To Feel Alive” has been released as a digital 7-inch. Here are the stems for “To Feel Alive”, which was on the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters soundtrack. These stems are from the new acoustic version and are available for download for remixes. Upload them to Soundcloud and tag with #IAMEVE #ToFeelAlive!

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    “Here are the stems for “To Feel Alive”,” …AND THERE’S NO LINK! ???What gives???