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I’m Too [Insert Criticism] to Sing Pro!

Female singer boggled down with thoughts and worries
Jaime Babbitt gives you the right words on moving ahead.

Okay, calm down. We’ll figure this out. First, ask yourself this important question:

Am I A Good Singer?

If the answer’s NO, ask yourself if you’ll take time to become a good singer. Sadly, if the answer is still NO, go do something else.

If you answered YES, read on.

To paraphrase Henry Ford, if you think you can’t make a living as a professional singer, you’re probably right. And to quote Mike Dooley, a world-class positive thinker:

Thoughts Become Things.

Run with me and accept that this could be true: the way you think can affect your circumstances.


You need to think anything is possible when it comes to your career! I have faith in you and I don’t even know you. Why?

Because you’re reading this! That tells me there’s a part of you that wants this with all your heart.

And that part of you needs to hold steady when other parts (like negative thoughts) threaten to undermine your plans.

And now, some words of wisdom…

The Right Words

Two Words for the Age-Conscious Singer

Why Not?

It didn’t stop: Sharon Freakin’ Jones

You’re going to be 22, 33 or 45 one day whether you like it or not; why not have a career doing something you love when you get there?

Five Words for the Weight-Conscious Singer

You don't have to conform.

It didn’t stop: Adele, Brittany Howard, Luciano Pavarotti

Yes, there’s a “showbiz” ideal of beauty. No, you don’t have to conform to it.

Own who you are and be healthy while owning it. If you feel better thinner, lose weight. Jennifer Hudson did.

Eight Words for the Financially Challenged Singer

Don't let lack of funds stop you, either.

It didn’t stop: Justin Bieber, Paul McCartney, Ella Fitzgerald, Jay-Z

Lack of funds didn’t stop them; it doesn’t have to stop you, either.

The drive to rise above adversity is a powerful force. If you’re in that situation, I feel for you and hope you use your power to compose a beautiful life.

14 Words for the Physically Challenged Singer

It’s important that you see yourself as beautiful and gifted just as you are... even if you can’t see yourself. Get it?

It didn’t stop: Ray Don’t-Even-Go-There Charles, Stevie You-Have-To-Be-Kidding-Me Wonder


I urge you to ask yourself: “Will I have any regrets if I don’t give professional singing my best shot?”

If the answer is yes, then… you have your answer.

Jaime Babbitt

Find out more about Jaime Babbitt at www.workingwithyourvoice.com for bookings, see www.greenhillsguitarstudio.com/voice-lessons You can see more of Jaime’s articles here.

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