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Improve Singing Flexibility and Range

It’s time to push your vocal exercises with longer scales – says Brett Manning

This simple exercise from Vocal Coach in Residence Brett Manning will help male and female singers develop their voices in a safe and sustainable way.

My Reactions to This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Kerry Kelley Kerry Kelley – “Love You” (Original)

Pleasant voice, but the guitar is begging you to sing with more aggression. You play with more swag than you sing with. Too much head voice. If you developed your chest and mixed voice, your voice would be undeniable.

Denys Lord Denys Lord – “Friends” (Original)

Very nice guitar playing. Your voice lacks the same control that your guitar playing has. You need to develop an evenness to your tone. The voice is believable and sincere so I want to hear what you can make out of it.

Deric Deric – “Excuse Me Lady” (Original)

Very soulful. Great articulation. A few control issues. Pitch is mostly very good, but slips a tiny bit occasionally. But you have a special quality to your voice that people want to hear!

Brett Manning

Brett Manning is widely recognized as one of the most innovative vocal coaches in the world. His “Singing Success” program has made global strides in the way people learn how to sing. Brett’s uncanny ability to “see with his ears” allows him to identify exactly what is happening inside a singer’s voice. www.SingingSuccess.com