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Improve Vocal Crescendos – Diminuendos

When you talk you decrease and increase volume to maintain interest. Learn the same with your singing – says Brett Manning

Move from your light tones to your loud tones with control and vocal strength through the right realizations and exercises from Vocal Coach in Residence Brett Manning.

My Reactions to This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Alex Summer Alex Summer – “Be Alright” (Cover)

Very good voice. Amazing control. Clean trills and licks, but they get very repetitive. Learning different licks and/or sticking more to a simpler melody will make you more of a mature artist. But you’re very close to breaking out of the amateur class. A little bit of coaching will take you to the next level.

Lani the Procrastinator Lani the Procrastinator – “Crude Encore” (Original)

Very gutsy performance. Use of loops and harmonizer was pretty clever and unpredictable. I think you could have a solid fan base. Keep experimenting. You’re uniqueness is unparalleled.

Andrew Ferris Andrew Ferris – “I Won’t Give Up” (Cover)

Great song choice. Nice guitar tones. Low notes were sort of there…not bad, but not great. Liked the adrenaline spike in the high notes. You are believable. There’s something very enjoyable about your voice. Mostly controlled, but could have better control. Overall, a worthy performance!

Brett Manning

Brett Manning is widely recognized as one of the most innovative vocal coaches in the world. His “Singing Success” program has made global strides in the way people learn how to sing. Brett’s uncanny ability to “see with his ears” allows him to identify exactly what is happening inside a singer’s voice. www.SingingSuccess.com