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In Ear Monitors – Yes or No

This week we’re looking at the pros & cons of in-ear monitoring for singers.

Until fairly recently in-ear monitoring systems were a luxury reserved only for top touring acts. However, as the technology becomes more readily available more and more singers are utilizing IEM’s in their performances. Of course there are obvious advantages, including improved sound quality, lack of feedback & ear protection. However, some singers claim that the in-ear systems isolate them from the audience and the performance around them. This week we’d like to get your feedback on this matter.

So the question is: Do you / have you ever used in-ear monitors during a gig? If so, how have they helped or perhaps even hindered your performance?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: What components make up the perfect set list?

Mechelle Jernigan Herrington wrote…

“I am not a fan of set lists…I go where the music and the mood take me. Just a 2 -piece acoustic. Full band a set list is necessary to keep things gelling and keep the audience engaged. I believe the components depend on where and what type of event you are playing. You need to know your audience but not let them run the show. Most of the time they are there because you are playing. If something isn’t working we switch up a little to keep things alive but again not giving into “give them what they want”…I believe if your heart and soul is in the performance and you love what you do and are passionate about it conveys and you can have a person who doesn’t even like a specific genre digging what you are doing”.

Kath Cannings commented…

“Something to listen to, something to drink to, something to cry to, something to dance to, something to sing to. Mix up the order according to the gig”.

Bob Wyper posted…

“The correct answer is ‘One made up of songs the audience know’, so before every show, you need to assess your audience… if that can’t be done, you have to READ your audience and makes selections from your repertoire along the way….THAT is a skill on it’s own, but focus on well known songs even before good songs and especially before personal favorites”.

Thanks again for all your insightful comments Face Bookers, don’t forget to check out next weeks Q & A. Cx