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Inside This Party Pair’s Gig Bag

Fly by MidnightFly by Midnight have reached #6 on Spotify’s Viral 50 Globally and have headlined YouTube Space NY’s #MusicMonday showcase.

They reveal what essentials help them create their high energy party performances…

TC-Helicon Voice Live Play: We couldn’t live without these on our most recent acoustic college tours. The flexibility of these products for a two piece harmony driven duo is outstanding. Super essential and fun to use.

TC-Helicon MP-75: Bouncing around from venue to venue, it’s always a good feeling to have your personal microphone with you on stage.

Casio SK-1: Toy turned novelty item, this portable keyboard is our go-to for writing on the road. Props to the retro vibe of the brass ensemble sound as well!

Sennheiser In-Ear Monitor Set: For having such an energetic set with a lot of instruments, as well as a full drum kit behind us, it’s crucial to hear ourselves. Since we’ve invested in these we haven’t looked back.

Music Kit

Water bottle, chapstick, Mentos gum: Hydration, non-chapped lips and fresh gum are a necessity for being on the road, but also for being everywhere!

Nectar Sunglasses: Our new favorite shades for the summer. Chose to rock these for their warranty. We tend to break things every now and then so good to know we can get another pair!

Quest Bar + Fruit Rollup: The snacks of champions.

Advil: For when we get on each others’ nerves (we fight like brothers every now & then).