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Iraia – Titianium cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Rachel Lebon:

A difficult tune to sell in an understated manner, particularly in an understated way with a single instrument. The key to presentation is to have (or pretend to have) an attitude with the lyrics…sentiment which is also expressed in your eyes. Enunciating very deliberately, with feeling, as if the words are occurring to you in the moment, draws attention to YOUR take on the song. Otherwise, you can lose the listener, since they feel they can predict the performance if it sounds less individualized and a cop of the original. Otherwise, the delivery sounds automatic, rather than spontaneous, and listeners feel they can predict the result, and lose interest. You want to draw your listeners into your performance by the way that you deliver the words and phrases.

Iraia’s Bio:

My name is Iraia. I’m 15 years old girl from Spain. I want to become a great singer. I think that all dreams can come true. I love music and animals. I know that in the world are many people who sing better than me, but I think that I can have an opportunity, although I sing worse… Sorry for my bad English. I hope to get away with my voice and my guitar.