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Is There Artistry in Singing Covers?

Is There Artistry in Singing Covers?This month our big question caused quite a stir! We asked:

Some people say you’re not an artist if you only sing covers, what would you say to educate them?

Tanya Lawrence’s thought provoking statement is a great opener:

“So, you write this great song and sing it. But no-one else is allowed to sing it. No one at all. You earn applause and royalties from your song – but only if you sing it. No choir arrangements. No orchestral versions. No one can use it as a film theme. It can’t be heard anywhere else in the world except when you are performing. No one of the opposite gender. No one older or younger. Your message spreads only as far as you can reach. No one learns to play or sing through it. Your song dies when you do.”

Kathleen Connell agrees:

“Composers and lyricists want their songs sung, and sung and sung again, and again by whoever will take on their musings. It’s not about the original artist who may have had a hit with the song.”

Christiaan De Necker Smit says his artistry has grown via singing covers:

“I sing covers from different artists to find my sound. I started writing a lot but I am not confident enough in my own stuff. That is how you become a better artist – by knowing all kinds of songs from different artists.”

Jessy Davidson continues:

“It’s good vocal practice, it’s good for learning new tunes, it’s good for learning how to engage with people, it’s very good for learning your ranges, AND it’s good because other people’s music inspires writers.”

Janet Steinberg-Bohn reminds us:

“In days past, a variety of artists would cover the same songs. It was wonderful hearing the variety of vocal interpretations of those wonderfully written songs. Of course it takes a real artist to sing covers!”

Brad Weston talks about the “buzz” of music:

“Many of us don’t have the gift of prose to write our own stuff but we are no less touched by music. Artistry of any sort is about interpretation of a given medium.”

We can all agree that singing covers can breath new life into old songs and fine tune your technique and stylistic knowledge. Most recording artist has performed the odd cover, many based their entire career on them!

Matias Salvo shared this powerful statement:

“No man ever steps in the same river twice for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” – Heraclitus.

Which links us nicely to next month’s Facebook discussion of motivational quotes! Make yourself heard.

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