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Is Your New Song “Good”?

You’ve just finished a new song and what a great feeling that is.

Then you ask yourself, it is any good?

I write constantly and the majority of my songs will probably never have an audience.

Songwriting is like a muscle that always needs to be strengthened.

But after many “so so” songs comes a new gem! Think you may one?

Ask yourself a few questions first:

Is the theme clear throughout the whole song? Does the chorus drive that theme in?

Does the melody have originality to it, a unique progression?

From there, give your new baby an audience and let the song do the rest.

You won’t have to wait long to find out if it’s a true gem.

  • If I like it and/or my close family like it……that is reward enough for me. Songs can vary so much in their word content so as to sometimes seem disjointed in meaning or may tell a story that flows and is obvious to the listener. Either way, as I see it, no song pleases everyone and may only have a niche audience.  Try getting a Punk Rock afficionado to listen to Sinatra singing Three Coins in A Fountain or a George Benson fan to listen to some Rap.  It’s a funny kinda world how certain music does certain things to stir certain people.  My advice is, if you want to have half a chance of deriving money from your creation, know your target audience and its preferences first then seek to emulate those who have already succeeded in  song style and format.