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Isabella Valera – Happy as the Sun cover

  • poppa madison

    I think you should go for audition for TV ads. You have the youthful looks, clear skin, lovely hair and great facial expression as you sing your ditty.

  • poppa madison

    Isabella, I forgot to congratulate you on the nifty little “Am I in tune check” on the Uke prior to commencing your song….a very professional touch, that.
    Why does “My dog has fleas” come to mind after hearing that?
    I think someone told me about 50 years ago, that that was a tune that matched the Uke string tuning?

    The Uke used to be very popular in the 50’s and 60’s on Hawaian records and needs to be brought back in my opinion.

    Uke with mandolin and guitar plus flat-bed guitar and bongos…….now there’s a truly romantic Island setting musical combo!