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Jack Carty – I Dont Mean It

22 year old Jack Carty has lead a charmed life. Growing up in the sleepy coastal town of Bellingen NSW he had the time, the space and the support to write as honestly and sing as loudly as he possibly could. This sheltered upbringing left an indelible mark on Jacks music that remains even today, 6 years after packing his life into a van and moving to Sydney at the ripe old age of 16. When he arrived Jack submerged himself in the Sydney music scene and its culture, attending a performing arts high school, jamming and writing with anyone he could and playing venues large and small all over town. He has spent the last 3 years playing some of Australia’s best-known venues from The Sydney Opera House to The Annandale Hotel with some of Australia’s best loved artists. 2009 has already been the biggest year yet for this young troubadour with a brand new E.P titled Wine & Consequence released on October 31st. Earlier this year the video for the track “Good Old Town” gaining airplay on Channel V and was voted the “Top Rated” song in their “Channel U” competition by the viewing public. As well as having a song selected by APRA to be showcased at the very first “Song Summit Sydney” – Australia’s first international songwriters conference.

  • blueberryjo

    “I don't mean it when i tell you goodbye”
    Great hook!
    your voice is very mellow and soft too.

  • G_Alexander

    Jack- what can I say? This is a powerful performance and you use of falsetto is incredibly effective. You sing with soul and I wouldn't tinker with it – your vocal work is solid, gifted, appealing. Keep up the great work.

  • Hello Jack,

    Lovely tune! One can tell that you don't care if there's a camera on you or other people in the room. You're in the song and telling your story. Physical expression is something that I notice a lot of performers have difficulty with.

    I also enjoy that you complement the dynamics of the vocal with your guitar. It's easy to sound humdrum with nothing but an acoustic guitar and vocal but you do a good job of keeping it interesting.

    The falsetto vocals start off really strong but tend to lose character near the end of the song. Falsetto is “false” because it's a reach outside of our natural speaking voice. Other than that what can I say?

    “I Don't Mean It” is a really nice song with emotive lyrics! Good job!



  • chrismonk

    honestly i keep coming back just to listen to this song its really catchy

  • Lovely song. I wish I can hear it soon with a complete band behind.