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James Hartley – In My Life cover

Vocal Coach comments from Rachel Lebon:

Nice Voice and using the guitar accompaniment with percussive effect. A contrasting approach on a standard Beatles tune. Might consider a slightly slower tempo, to highlight the heavy words. Sounds a bit on autopilot and detached at times. If you aspire to perform live, you want to be able to ultimately present where the audience can see your face. When you do, and if you engage your eyes to register a connection with the lyrics, your rendition will communicate more to your audience. Explore delivering musical phrases, savoring the important words as you’re singing them. This is particularly true for the longer phrases. Take your time for the ending. Set us up. Hold your final note/word before breaking, which enhances the presentation for a complete performance. Keep singing!

James’ Bio:

I’m James, I’m 16 years old. I love my music and I go out with my mates a lot but I’m quite quiet outside of my friends