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Jasmine – Apologize cover

My name is Jasmine, I love to sing and play music! I have many songs I have yet to record and put up :) Hope you enjoy them!

  • Guest

    I love how much you’ve played around with the melody. Sounds fantastic!

  • Efay

    I like your voice and you wrote a good song. I like the melody, I think you can make it better by adding more a little definition between verse and chorus. It’s a little bit the same all the way through. That’s only my cents, I just wanted add something that maybe constructive. You a very talented.

  • Stgeorgefriends


  • Hi Jasmine,

    Sounds like you’re thinking too hard and not letting go.  I feel you’ve got some great raw talent but perhaps lack the confidance you need to really deliver.  You might want to try recording your piano track and then perform against it separately so you can focus solely on you voice…then put the two pieces back together.  AH, so you finally look into our eyes at the very end of the video…give us more of that pretty please.  You’ve got all you need just believe in yourself my friend.