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Work Hard To Be Yourself – Advice From An Internet Sensation

Jeffrey Fever on location
Jeffrey Fever has been working hard to build his career and confidence, and believes uniqueness is the key to success.

Jeffrey Fever was a semi-finalist on Canada’s Got Talent, was a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show and boasts 320,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel. 

How has singing on the internet affected your life?
I had trouble fitting in in High school so I started to express myself on camera. That was the only way people in school listened.

It’s still a very nerve-racking and unfamiliar feeling to sing live. Facing that fear is a success to me

Do you do live performances as well?
I’ve been doing ballroom dance live performances since I was 9. Since hopping over into music, I’ve done musicals in school and occasional singing appearances, but it’s still a very nerve-racking and unfamiliar feeling to sing live. Facing that fear is a success to me.

But you’re so confident in front of the camera!
Performing in front of a camera is awkward for most – even with years of experience. Practice, review, practice, review, practice and never give up. Within months or even weeks, you’ll master the craft.

What’s the key to a great YouTube video?
People often mistake quality for equipment when it’s really about quality of content. The less equipment you have, the more creative you may have to be to accomplish your vision. Phones or webcams provide excellent video quality anyway. Your brain is what makes that content QUALITY.

How can you make a video go viral?
Many could argue that algorithm plays a role in making a video go viral. In my experience, a real genuine viral video is in the hands of the audience. You can’t really determine what goes viral. I never aim to go viral but instead improve who I am as an artist and hope that my audience follows that growth and grow with me.

Jeffrey Fever giving a talk at New Hampshire University

Jeffrey was recently invited to speak to college students at New Hampshire University (Source: Jeffreyfever, Instagram)

What obstacles have you had to overcome for your love of singing?
Most people in my entourage never supported my singing ambitions. It’s too risky as a career. I only embraced my love of music and decided to pursue it this year. I worked 4 jobs simultaneously for a whole year to save money to launch my singing career.

How do you best connect to your fans?
I always try to figure where they’re from and what similarities we have. That gives me an emotional attachment to them and I genuinely love to connect with them via social media.

Most important lesson you have learned about social media?
Conforming is easy. It is the most tempting thing I battle with as so many people are getting successful faster and bigger every day. Staying true to yourself usually doesn’t give you instant results but if you keep that mentality the outcome is priceless and people will be attracted to your uniqueness.

Have you ever had singing lessons?
I started to take vocal lessons weekly since last year. I learned that singing involves practice. It’s a muscle that develops over time.

Jeffrey Fever

Jeffrey Fever is an internet star who became famous for posting comedic videos to his popular YouTube channel. He is also known as a ballroom dancer, and has appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show and the first season of Canada’s Got Talent as a semi-finalist.

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