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Jenny Scott – What I Wouldn’t Do

Jenny Scott is German-born singer/songwriter and guitar player. Inspired by Jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Pass, Nina Simone and Frank Sinatra; the 24 years old Scott is currently working on her upcoming EP ”Things Called Love” which will be released 2012!

  • A beautiful voice and a lovely song. Your style is so relaxing, Jenny. This one should be in a feel-good movie!! … although, I guess in a way it already is. :-)

  • Jenny Scott

    Oh, thank you so much Phil! :)

  • Alecsienne

    I love this style of your voice. It’s really charming and the video has a special retro style, which highlights your song. Great work!

  • Fred Goodall

    Your voice is like an angel’s. I love this video. Keep up the good work.