Jerry Jean – I’ll Be Here (Original)

Bio: Jerry Jean is a NYC based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who regularly posts originals, mashups, and covers on YouTube. I’ll Be Here is one of his original songs

  • AmandaHM

    Excellent vocals, and love the hand drum!

  • Beautiful song throughout, very well composed! Vocals were captured wonderfully, smooth production.

  • Sarah Bella

    Amazing playing! Loved the piano work and soulful vocals. Maybe a few looks into the camera would really sink it in!

  • Brian

    Stevie would be proud!

  • Hello Jerry,

    Lovely tune…you've got a soulful voice and a great range. Lyrics are great and you've got great feel in your timing. I can't wait to check out more. I do want to mention that you seem a bit stiff and I'm sure it's because you're multitasking..but, I'd like to see you “mean” it in your countenance because I can surely feel the vibration of the tune but I can't readily see it. For pointers, check out Sarah Bella's peer submission…she offers a very provocative and meaningful performance but also delivers when you look into her eyes…she makes me believe it and that's all you need to do to bring it home…you are very, very, talented my friend. Thanks for sharing.



  • Andy


    I agree with Brian, you simply need to emote your feelings more during your performance. Good voice!


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