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Jessica Bredeweg – Blue cover

  • Anonymous

    Jessica you have a great voice and tone .

  • T1

    that was really good.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica, first I want to say congratulations on finding your tone. You nailed it! I felt that the first yodel was a touch under expressed and out of time but after you warmed up they were awesome. Do yourself a solid and warm up really good before you perform, using the techniques explained in here. I use the clock tech and it works well for me even if my wife says it sounds like I am slaughtering a monkey lol. You have the looks and a nice tone so i hope to see your dreams come true. Now I will be singing this song all day albeit not as well as you do. From south Florida, kudos.

  • Hi Jessica, Nice job. It isn’t an easy song and you did a great job with it. I’m guessing you may have had training? You seem a little “careful” with your singing which sometimes can steal energy from your “performance” and your connection with the audience. You have the ability to hit the notes, now just give it a little more “oomph”. :) Hope you post some more. Best wishes, BB

  • Hi Jessica,

    Lil’ pitchy there at the beginning but ya’ wrapped it up quickly.  You’ve got a great voice and look for what you’re trying to accomplish. Would like to see ya’ bawlz it up a bit…throw some grit in there…the sweetness in your voice is undeniably awesome…the song is cryin’ song, so kick it in the arse my friend.  Your audience is in your court!