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Jessica White – Butterfly cover

Vocal Coach comments from Basix:

The sound of your voice suits the song perfectly. There is a thin line between presenting the song and chit chatting, but you managed to stay on the right side. Make sure that you know the lyrics well enough to not have to read. Also – don’t look at the recording device. When I listen to the song I look a lot at your eyes – and they sometimes gaze at the ceiling, the window, the lyrics and many other directions. It will make a huge difference for you to practice staying focused and “direct” in your communication.

Jessica’s Bio:

I’m Jess, 21 years old and a third year English Literature student at Aberystwyth University. I am starting my PGCE at Manchester University this September. I have always loved singing, and the past 4 years I have been teaching myself guitar and writing music. This video is a cover of a song called ‘Butterfly’ by Emily Smith. Hope you enjoy :)