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Jody Samascott – One and Only cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Gina Latimerlo:

You have a solid voice, and you use your body well to create and support your sound. The next level for you is to add some “sparkle” and “grab” to both your tone and your presence. Technically, you can put more “sparkle” to your tone by adding the “ick face” position. Imagine you have to politely eat something awful. Feel your nose wrinkle up a little on the sides and your bottom eyelids squint a little? That’s it! For the “grab,” allow the emotions to come through your face and voice and infuse them with an intensity and urgency that makes us feel them, too.

Jody’s Bio:

Hello! I’m a singer-songwriter from upstate NY, currently living in South Florida. I took a few ukulele lessons about 7 years ago, but only just started focusing on it as my main instrument about 6 months ago. I studied Vocal Performance at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, as well as the Independent Artist Program, where I learned how to use a project studio. I love writing songs, singing, and – despite my stage fright – performing!

  • Michael Auch

    very awesome job, thats a good cover for your voice, perhaps the pros know? but dam good in my ear drum.

  • Jody Samascott

    thanks Michael! I appreciate it :)

  • “Ick face”? That’s the best critique the reviewer could come up with? Well…let me say that I thought you chose a difficult singer, in Adele, to cover…and you did it very well. To play an instrument simultaneously, and NOT screw either up, is more of an accomplishment than I feel some folks give credit for. You don’t sound like Adele, and you didn’t try to. I thought you made the song your own and your delivery was soft and subtle…very well done. Your pitch was very good and your vibrato was well-place and not at all “over done”, like some singers have a tendency toward. Bravo.